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Hello and thanks for emailing Middle Class Dad

Hello and thanks for emailing Middle Class Dad


I am a one-man show and get at least 30 emails a day. So, I am not able to personally respond to every email.

Also, know that I am now only checking email 2x a day, so please allow up to 8 hours for a response – I also primarily check email Monday thru Friday, so if you email on a weekend, expect a reply on or after Monday.

If you are emailing requesting an unpaid guest post on my site, this is the only email you will get so please review.

Please allow extra time for responses on and around major US holidays.

Please DO NOT email me within a 24 hour period more than once asking if I saw your original email – that’s a good way to get blocked as it just fills up my inbox more and takes longer to go through.

This message DOES contain the answers to what I most commonly get asked. So please review it and follow the steps I’ve indicated.

If the answer to your question is not here, I’ll do my best to respond to your original email within 5 days; no need to send multiple emails asking if I’ve read the previous one (and if you do, that’s a good way to get blocked).


Click here to review my guidelines and get started:

You can submit your guest post proposed blog post subjects on that page. You won’t get a direct response from me until you have filled out the form and if you just keep emailing asking if I saw your original email, you get blocked.

If I am interested in your guest post, I will let you know. I don’t respond if it’s not a good fit for what I’m looking for.


I appreciate the need for backlinks.

So while you may have an amazing resource you think is better than something I currently link to, these days I get so many requests that I only consider one of 2 options.

I do not consider you simply sharing me on social media to be of value due to the low reach and short lifespan posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have.

Here’s what I AM open to. So send me a 2nd email requesting one of these 2 things:

1. We can do a link exchange where you link to one of my blog posts and I link to one of yours on a different site so we aren’t just linking back and forth between 2 sites.

Both links will be do-follow links, but I’m only open to this if the site I will be getting the link from has a Moz Domain Authority score of 30 or greater.

Most importantly though, the links would need to flow naturally in the context of your and my post and not be stuffed into the post in a spammy way.

It’s also important for me to link to things that more or less relate to one of my posts or blog categories; no porn, dating sites, etc.

2. You can compensate me for my time in adding your link to my site (again in a natural flowing context). This is known as a sponsored link.

Click here to request a sponsored link:


Unlike a guest post where I ultimately control the content (and am very picky), format, and links, you can request a sponsored blog post where, like a sponsored link, you compensate me for my time and my traffic.

You submit a blog post to me that loosely fits one of my primary categories (parenting, relationship tips, personal finance, mental health tips, travel or DIY). The post can be any length and can contain as many do-follow links as you wish.

Click here for more details on the requirements and to submit a request

Any other requests not covered here, I’ll do my best to get back to you within 5 days.