Parenting Resources

Let’s face it. We parents work hard! it’s a tough job, and sometimes a thankless one, but done right, it’s also the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

That being said, we parents (I have 3 kids) aren’t perfect, don’t know everything, and sometimes need to find solutions to problems that are outside our abilities.

Here are some things that can help!


For moms with young kids or who are pregnant, there’s no better source of information and samples, free stuff, and coupons than the Everyday Mom Sampling Club.

You’ll get stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, offers, and weekly coupon alerts as well as access to free baby samples, baby coupons, baby magazines and more.

You’ll also get a monthly box of product samples from all the best names in baby and kid products.

Check out the Everyday Moms Sampling Club (click to learn more) and start getting great samples delivered to your door!


Helping our kids learn to read might seem simple enough. After all, we all read to them when they’re little and then they start school, so what’s with this program?

There’s absolutely NO other program like it.

It’s an amazing program that helps parents teach their kids to read in only 12 weeks. Amazingly, it works with kids as young as 3, although it’s also great for kids up to age 8 who might be struggling. 

Check out the Children Learning Reading Program (click to learn more) and see if it doesn’t sound fantastic to you too!


Developed by author, clinical psychologist, and mother, Mary-Ann Schuler, she has more than 20 years of experience in child psychology.

Her Baby Sleep Miracle Guide provides parents with a simple and easy solution to improve the sleeping pattern of their children and get consistent results night after night.

Check out the Baby Sleep Miracle Program (click to learn more) and see if it doesn’t sound fantastic to you too!


The award-winning Anxiety-Free Child Program was developed with Doctors of Clinical Psychology and other experts to give you the information and resources to help your child overcome their anxiety and restore their happiness and confidence.

The program works so well, it’s been featured on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and the Discovery Channel, just to name a few.

It’s an easy-to-follow system that teaches your child how to slow down their body, quiet their mind, and change their anxious and habitual thought patterns. That way they can respond with calm and confidence in situations that may currently be challenging for them at home, at school, with friends, or anywhere!

Check out the Anxiety-Free Child Program (click to learn more) and see if you don’t think it can help your child too!


Personally, if I had to pick just 2 of my favorite parenting books, they would be:

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker (click to check it out on Amazon) but if you have sons (which I don’t) she also has Strong Mothers, Strong Sons (click to check it out on Amazon).

Then I also love Smart Money Smart Kids by Rachel Cruze by Rachel Cruze, daughter of famed personal finance guru Dave Ramsey, which admittedly is both a parenting book and a great book to help teach your kids how to handle money well.

But I also just heard that Amazon is now offering 2 FREE audio-books of your choice when you sign up for a FREE trial with their Audible audio-book service.

Even if you don’t opt to stay signed up with Audible, why not take advantage and get ANY 2 audio-books completely free? Their normal monthly rate is $14.95 so if you don’t want to pay anything, just cancel within those first 30 days.

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