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Simple Home Remedies to Recover and Cure a Hangover 

Hangovers seem to be our body’s way of telling us the dangers of overindulgence. From intolerable headaches to too much pain in the stomach, perhaps most of us are familiar with long lists of symptoms of a hangover. 

Let’s face it, even if servers or alcohol sellers have had their Illinois BASSET Certification already, we can’t just blame them if we ever get drunk. 

And even if there are many ways to cure or recover from a hangover, like chugging a glass of juice or rubbing lemons in your armpit right before you drink, only a few are backed by science. 

Are you looking for relief from too much drinking? Check out these ways to relieve any symptoms of a hangover. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

But first, let’s know how to prevent a hangover. 

1. Stay Hydrated 

Did you know that drinking alcohol could lead to dehydration in different ways? First, alcohol has a diuretic effect, which could increase urine production. With that, it could lead to fluid loss and even electrolytes that the body needs to function properly. 

Also, excessive consumption of alcohol could lead to diarrhea and vomiting. It would later cause loss of fluids and electrolytes in our bodies. 

With that, you should increase water intake to alleviate or prevent any hangover symptoms. Remember that the best rule when you drink alcohol is to alternate between a glass of water and an alcoholic drink. 

If you find it challenging to stay hydrated after consuming alcohol or if you’re experiencing the unpleasant aftermath of a hangover, there’s an alternative solution like IV therapy which offers a convenient and efficient way to replenish your body’s hydration levels. If you’re in need of quick recovery, IV Therapy by AZ IV Medics provides professional services to help you overcome the discomfort and sluggishness associated with a hangover.

2. Avoid Drinking Beverages with Congeners 

Congeners are known as toxic chemicals that also form in small amounts during the process. Different types of alcoholic beverages contain congeners. 

Probably servers with Illinois BASSET certification are aware of this. Some studies also found that consuming beverages with high congeners actually increases the severity and frequency of hangovers. 

But then again, only choose drinks with only low congeners to reduce having a severe hangover.

3. Get enough Sleep

Alcohol may cause disturbances when sleeping. This means that it decreases sleep quality and even duration for some people. 

Even if low to moderate amounts of alcohol may promote sleep, studies still show that increased amounts of chronic use could disturb sleep patterns. 

So, while lack of sleep doesn’t cause a hangover, it could still worsen it. That’s why getting a good night’s sleep will allow the body to recover and prevent hangover symptoms from becoming more bearable. 

Recovering from Hangover: What You Need to Know?

Follow these simple home remedies to cure a hangover. 

  • Boost Blood Sugar with Carbohydrates 

Alcohol may interfere with blood sugar levels, contributing to irritability, fatigue, and weakness, often the consequence of intoxication. This explains why eating breakfast with honey and toast has been a conventional practice to cure a hangover. 

  • Anti-Inflammatory Medication 

Are you in pain after the night of partying and drinking? It’s probably because of your immune system at work. Consider drinking over-the-counter medicine and anti-inflammatory pain relievers to temporarily help with headaches and hangover pain. 

  • Drink Ginger to Relieve Nausea 

Not sure how you’re going to cure nausea when having a hangover? Many nutritionists and doctors agree that ginger could be one of the natural remedies to soothe an upset stomach – a common hangover symptom. 

The ginger would help aid digestion, and it’s a good way to ease an upset stomach. Best of all, you can enjoy ginger in many ways. For example, you may have it in tea or just eat it fresh. 

  • Drink Soup, Coffee or Tea 

Soups or other hot beverages like coffee or tea have hangover powers. A hot soup could help replenish salts and fluids lost because of alcohol. It’s also stuffed with good carbs and some vegetables to help with hangovers. 

Also, caffeine may not have any special remedy for hangovers. However, as a stimulant, it could help with grogginess. 

  • Sweat it Out 

Many experts say exercising is also the best remedy among all possible and popular home remedies for hangovers. It’s mainly because it ramps the flow of oxygen to the brain and increases mood-boosting hormones that could support energy levels. 

  • Take Sports Drink for Rehydration

Do you think plain water doesn’t work when you try to recover from a hangover? Why don’t you try a sports drink? It’s highly recommended as it contains electrolytes minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. 

  • Apply Hangover Patches 

Hangover patches are vitamin-infused stickers you usually apply on your skin before you drink. The idea is that you’re absorbing vitamins through your skin to counteract any negative effects of alcohol. 

Wrapping Up

If you’ve had too many drinks during a night out, you probably know what will happen the next morning. As long as we’re humans, we can still experience hangovers. Hopefully, these remedies could help and work best than others. Always limit how much you’re drinking to prevent hangovers that could affect your work or the things you used to do. 


Jeff Campbell