Your Smartphone Can Do More! Options You Didn’t Know About

Smartphones have become an essential component in everyone’s day-to-day life. Other than playing roulettes and casinos with vulkan bet bonus, your smartphones are a powerhouse of many opportunities. There cannot be a person who has not laid their hands on smartphones in this modern technological era. But not all these people know the full potential of the intelligent devices that they carry. Many undiscovered and unseen options are available in the smartphone that can provide great use in your daily routine. These hacks give more excellent service when compared to an average smartphone user. Let us now discuss some of the essential options that you are missing out on your smartphones. 

#1 Opting to dark mode to save battery

The dark mode, commonly known as the “battery saver” mode, is the best option a smartphone can provide to its avid users. Although some might not prefer the battery saver mode as it makes your display dull, many would highly recommend it as it saves a hefty amount of your battery life. 

#2 The text-to-speech feature
To all those businessmen and workers who value each second of their life, text-to-speech is a gift. People are constantly on the run as each second of their living costs. Reading long messages or e-mails can be time-consuming and requires focus. With the help of the text-to-speech feature, people can listen to emails or long messages while they do their work. To enable this setting, simply hop on to the settings icon and click accessibility. There you can find this gem ready to serve you on your run. 

#3 The guest-mode

Ever been in a situation where you have to lend your phone containing your personal information to someone temporarily? Or just want to help someone who is in need to make an urgent phone call? Yes, if you are a person who does that, then this feature can help you secure your personal information. To access this feature, simply use your two fingers to drag down the screen towards the user icon on the upper right. There you would be able to decide the options available for the person to whom you are lending your phone. 

#4 Magnify the display

Not all people are the same. Some may find it hard to read what is on their phone without their glasses. To those who suffer from eye-sight problems, this feature can do the magic. Simply go to Settings — > Accessibility — > Magnifying gestures to enable this powerful feature in your smartphone. 

#5 Locate my phone

Last but not least is an application that allows people to locate their lost phone. One of the greatest fears of people is losing their most valuable smartphone. With this feature, if you lose your phone and cannot find it, you can locate your phone on the company’s website. Although this feature has to be enabled before losing the phone, it is worth the time as it drastically reduces people’s confusion and tension.

Jeff Campbell