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The Dos and Don’ts of Keeping Your YouTube Subscribers Engaged and Happy


We all know YouTube, don’t we? It’s a platform where we watch informative or entertaining content. YouTube allows me to watch creators from far across lands. YouTube is becoming one of the most popular platforms across the globe. It is a place where we can share our thoughts and interests, and creators can express their skills to a global audience. It’s an incredible way to connect with people and grow a community. YouTube is quite similar to Instagram. The similarity is that on both these platforms, you have a channel or a page with subscribers or followers. But one of the best things about YouTube is that you can monetize your content and earn through your videos. However, this can be a challenge. You must build and maintain an engaged audience to profit from YouTube. With so much competition, you need a proper plan; this is where we help you.

This article includes dos and don’ts to keep your YouTube subscribers engaged and happy.


Consistently produce quality content:

Provide high-quality content regularly, but don’t upload too often. It is one of the most important actions to keep your subscribers interested and engaged. Consistency is the unavoidable key to create and maintain a loyal and satisfied following on YouTube, but where should one be consistent? You must consistently create high-quality material. Your viewers will unquestionably enjoy high-quality material. Let me share some examples of a high-quality video: it has great audio, excellent lighting, few distractions, a well-structured story, is relatable, and is simple to grasp. Put extra time and effort into making a perfect, skillfully done, and enjoyable video.


Engage with your subscribers. It is an essential step for building loyal and happy subscribers. You should engage with your followers or fans; respond to comments, answer questions; and be grateful to your viewers for their support. Try to connect and bond with your audience; you can consider hosting Q&A sessions or live streams to interact with them. Fans or followers are always curious about their creator. They want to know and learn more. When you answer their questions, you show them that you care about them and their feedback and are thankful to them. It builds a sense of community and encourages them to be more engaged.

Collaborate with other creators:

You must have heard of or seen various Instagram influencers collaborating with big brands, clubs, or other companies. Collaboration has an equally beneficial partnership comprising two parties, and their work represents a symbiotic relationship. One share the content with followers and gets paid, or the partnership helps one increase their reach. Collaborate with other influencers or famous YouTubers. It is a fantastic way to grow your channel and expand its reach or visibility. It also allows you to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience. Having mutually benefiting partnerships can improve your view or subscriber count and allow you to share your content with people who might not have found it otherwise. You can get a chance to generate revenue this way; become a face of a big brand, get partnership deals or sponsorships. You can learn much from other creators, have fun with them, share your ideas, and maybe even make friends. It can keep your audience engaged, excited, and curious about what you will bring next!

Upload fresh and interesting videos

If you feel like keeping your subscribers engaged and happy, uploading attractive, fresh, or exclusive content is crucial. Some ways you can do this are; Experimenting with different styles; changing the format of your narrative; try out different formats; you don’t have to change your niche, but you can experiment with other fields and areas. You can try to offer exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes(BTS)of making a video, a day in my life vlogs, etc. Subscribers are always curious to know more about their favorite creators, so take advantage of this opportunity and try to make changes. Do pay close attention to your analytics to see which content or videos are doing well or performing great. Use YouTube analytics to help you guide in the right direction. Understand your audience’s feedback and make adjustments to keep your content relevant.

Give rewards and incentives:

Keeping  YouTube subscribers engaged and happy sure is a difficult task. However, there are multiple ways to keep them satisfied. You can do so; by providing them with rewards or incentives. Imagine getting rewards for sharing a creator’s video or being the most loyal follower! Amazing, isn’t it? I mean, how much time does it take? Rewards and incentives are a great way to excite your subscribers and persuade them to engage with your content. Hosting giveaways is a fantastic idea to show your appreciation to your subscribers and satisfy them. Giveaways can be as simple as sharing promotional codes or coupons or giving a shout-out to a random subscriber.

Get views and subscribers from trusted sites and companies:

One of the ways to keep your audience engaged or have YouTube recommend your videos is to follow the algorithm. This algorithm is a part of many social media platforms that work when your engagement rate is high. Engagement rate refers to the number of likes, comments, or shares on your video; the higher this number, the better your engagement rate. It increases the likelihood of YouTube recommending your videos to its users. Various companies claim to provide real likes, views, or subscribers, but beware! For your sake, we researched and found one of the best companies, i.e., FBPostLikes. It’s one of the best service providers in this field across India. FBPostLikes is a new company that already has loyal customers wanting more! They have a fast delivery service, secure payment gateways, and offer affordable subscriptions and prices.


Ignore or avoid your audience.

Avoiding or ignoring an audience is a sure-fire way to lose interest and engagement. Your audience is the reason that your channel exists. Being grateful to them and showing that you value and care about them is essential. Many times, influencers are seen as role models. Imagine you are a fan whose role model ignores you; how heart breaking would it be? Try to engage and interact with your subscribers as much as possible. It increases the likelihood of them being more engaged.

Don’t upload poorly edited or low-quality videos.

Your audience expects a certain level of value from you; how do you think your subscribers will react if you upload poor-quality videos? Examples of poorly edited videos are bad lighting, awful sound editing, poor narrative, etc. Try to provide content with value and make your content look like you put in some effort. Your videos should appeal to the viewer’s eye.

Spam your viewers

Do not spam your subscribers or audience with too many notifications or videos. Be cautious of how often you upload videos and send notifications. Spamming your viewers with irrelevant content is the quickest way to lose your subscribers’ interest. Uploading content daily can either bore or irritate your audience; it can frustrate them enough to mute your notifications or unsubscribe.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Don’t be dishonest or misleading. Making promises, you can’t keep is a quick way to lose your audience’s trust. Be honest with what you can and cannot do. Don’t promise things just for the sake of clout. If you promise something and cannot deliver it, it will only make you look like a fool and a clout chaser. Your subscribers will lose interest in you and think of you as someone who uses clickbait to attract users.

Copy or plagiarize content:

Plagiarism is never good, and many social media networks have policies against it. Even if the creators are not well-known, it does not give you the right to utilize or replicate someone else’s hard work. But if someone inspires you, you can name them and their content in your videos or refer to them. Be distinctive and creative because the truth always surfaces and can destroy you.


It takes much time and effort to satisfy your subscribers. Moreover, it takes unique content, collaboration, fresh content, and exciting ideas to keep your YouTube followers interested and satisfied. Building a successful YouTube channel that will keep your subscribers returning for more is not impossible. All you need to do is work hard and smart and build a community of devoted followers. You can keep your subscribers happy, content, and interested by avoiding common mistakes and adhering to the do’s.







Jeff Campbell