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Travel Benefits Compared: Amex Green vs. Amex Gold

In the ever-evolving landscape of credit card offerings, American Express stands out as a frontrunner when it comes to travel benefits. Two of its notable offerings, the Amex Green and Amex Gold cards, have gained popularity among frequent travelers. Both cards offer a plethora of perks, but which one is the better choice for you?

American Express is renowned for its premium credit card offerings, and the Amex Green and Amex Gold cards are no exception. Both cater to travelers seeking rewards and perks, but their features differ significantly. Let’s start by examining the basics of each card. In this comprehensive comparison, we will dive deep into the world of travel benefits and help you decide whether the Amex Green vs Amex Gold card suits your travel style and needs.

Annual Fees

One of the first factors to consider when choosing a credit card is the annual fee. The Amex Green card comes with an annual fee of $150, while the Amex Gold card has a higher annual fee of $250. However, these fees are offset by the valuable benefits each card offers.

Earning Rewards

Both cards are excellent choices for earning rewards, but they target different spending habits. The Amex Green card focuses on travel and dining, offering 3x Membership Rewards points in these categories. The Amex Gold card, in comparison, excels with 3x points on flights purchased by the airlines and 4x Membership Rewards points on meals and U.S. groceries.

Redeeming Rewards

When it comes to redeeming rewards, both cards offer flexibility. You can use Membership Rewards points for travel bookings and gift cards, or even transfer them to airline and hotel partners. The Amex Gold card, however, has a slight edge due to its higher earning rate on dining and supermarkets.

Travel Credits

Travel credits are a significant draw for these cards. The Amex Green card offers a $100 CLEAR credit and a $100 LoungeBuddy credit annually. In contrast, the Amex Gold card provides a $120 dining credit at select restaurants and up to a $100 airline fee credit.

Airport Lounge Access

For frequent flyers, airport lounge access can be a game-changer. The Amex Green card grants access to Centurion Lounges and Priority Pass lounges, while the Amex Gold card provides access to Centurion Lounges.

Foreign Transaction Fees

Travelers often worry about foreign transaction fees. The Amex Green card has none, making it an ideal choice for international travelers. The Amex Gold card, however, has a 2.7% foreign transaction fee.

Travel Insurance

Both cards offer valuable travel insurance benefits, including trip cancellation and interruption insurance, car rental loss and damage insurance, and baggage insurance. However, the Amex Gold card provides a more comprehensive coverage package.

Additional Benefits

The Amex Green card offers perks like a $100 CLEAR credit and a $100 LoungeBuddy credit, while the Amex Gold card offers benefits like a dining credit and Uber Cash credits. Choose the card that aligns with your spending and travel habits.

Customer Service

American Express is renowned for providing outstanding client service, so holders of both the Amex Green and Amex Gold cards should anticipate first-rate support in the event of problems or questions.

Eligibility and Approval

The approval process for these cards may vary based on your creditworthiness. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria before applying to increase your chances of approval.


In conclusion, the choice between the Amex Green and Amex Gold cards boils down to your spending habits, travel preferences, and the value you place on specific benefits. While the Amex Green card is a solid choice for frequent travelers who value airport lounge access, the Amex Gold card caters more to those who dine out frequently and want to earn rewards on groceries. Assess your needs carefully before making a decision.


  1. Can I have both the Amex Green and Amex Gold cards?

Yes, you can have both cards, but you should consider whether the benefits and annual fees justify having both in your wallet.

  1. Are there any restrictions on redeeming Membership Rewards points?

There are no restrictions on redeeming Membership Rewards points, but the value of your points may vary depending on how you use them.

  1. Do these cards offer purchase protection?

Yes, both cards offer purchase protection, which can be valuable if you encounter issues with a purchase.

  1. How do I maximize the benefits of the dining credit on the Amex Gold card?

To maximize the dining credit, make reservations at eligible restaurants and use your Amex Gold card when dining.

  1. Is the annual fee worth it for these cards?

The worth of the annual fee depends on your travel and spending habits. Evaluate the benefits and rewards to determine if the fee is justified for you.

Jeff Campbell