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Why Online Gambling is More Dangerous than a Casino

Physical gambling institutions have existed since the 17th century and despite the dramatic soar of online gambling, playing traditional slot machines in a luxurious environment is still relevant. The successive stages of lockdowns have potentially impacted the gambling sector covering both land-based and online channels. 

In the online gambling industry, the pandemic has led to an exponential growth in revenue as people began engaging with online gambling over lockdowns leading to various gambling-related harms. As for the casino premises, they cannot, unfortunately, be classified among the survivors because lockdowns have significantly affected them. Why online gambling is quite dangerous than terrestrial casinos?

The Free Play Offered to Players

It is no wonder that the competition in the online gambling industry is fierce with more and more websites launched to meet the players’ requirements. An effective strategy to catch people register at their online casinos or other online gaming sites is the For example, the welcome bonus at MyStake Casino enabling the newcomers to play the games for free. In fact, when registering at a gambling platform, they will receive a no deposit bonus from which they can choose the games and play them without depositing. 

These games are captivatingly pushing them to place a bet and play real money casino games. A large selection of games with more enhanced and lucrative features can be tried at their convenience so they can get stuck in these games. Excessive gambling can lead to addiction because the longer they play, the higher chance they will become addicted gamblers.

Lower Levels of Measures to Protect Compulsive Gamblers

The self-exclusion schemes were introduced in several countries including the UK to prevent players from the possible gambling-related harms and to support those who are experiencing gambling addiction. In this self-exclusion, those who feel developing a gambling problem are required to register and then, banned themselves from their chosen gambling websites for a period of time. 

There are, however, flaws in some tools because problem gamblers who prohibit themselves from gambling websites can continue to gamble on other platforms. The operators fail to supervise these gamblers because some of them still register in other online casinos. In addition, some gambling sites seduce these vulnerable players through attractive ads calling them back to gamble. The weak policies in protecting self-banning gamblers are the major factors for gambling addiction rise because, with the increased desire to gamble, severe pathological gambling can be expected.

Online Gambling Appears More Addictive

The addiction specialists indicate that human brains are created to seek a reward that comes in the form of dopamine. Actually, dopamine is a hormone related to pleasurable sensations and as this neurotransmitter plays a role in pleasure, it pushes us to gamble in order to boost rewards. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the closure of social venues and as people spent more time at home, they feel bored and isolated so the solution to forget their concerns is online gambling. 

It comes as no surprise when the pandemic lockdowns are the main factors to the online gambling industry’s emergence. As reported by the British gambling watchdog, a significant rise in the use of online gambling games has been noticed since the coronavirus emergence. Web-based gambling is more addictive and requires more funds because when this entertaining activity becomes a daily habit, people can easily develop a gambling addiction.

Gambling is Easy to Access Anonymously

Visiting an online casino in a fake account cannot be controlled and the use of these websites without being noticed by any people can be exciting but can quickly lead to an addiction. In fact, the problem gamblers cannot notice that they spend more time and money on gambling since they can easily hide behind their screens. Moving money between accounts is straightforward and chiefly with credit cards in which the statement will be sent the month after; they seem able to gamble all the time. 

They may unaware of the actual amount of money they are spending because they only use their credit cards. Since they can be undetected, friends and family members may not aware that they are developing compulsive gambling which cannot be the case when visiting the brick-and-mortar casinos. The acquaintances all the time with other players can avoid the gambling addiction as they can realise that they may develop a gambling addiction.


Jeff Campbell