How to Ensure Windshield Safety After Being Repaired

When you know your windshield is in perfect shape, you do not have to worry about your safety. It does not even cross your mind that it could be a safety hazard at any one point.

Windshield safety is essential in every car. No car will be safe on a public road without one. It protects car occupants from elements such as wind, helps the roof stay in place during an accident, and allows the driver to see ahead without getting debris in the face.

The Importance of a Windshield to The Vehicle’s Structure

There is a lot that a windshield does, and this gives you more reasons why it should be repaired when damaged. Imagine getting involved in a rollover, and the roof comes crashing in on you?

Or the airbags are deployed, but they do not cushion the car occupants! It causes more injuries and could even be fatal. It is heart-breaking if the windscreen had an issue that was never fixed.

Since it is made from laminated glass, it will not break into small shards after a heavy impact. Instead, it stays in place, and this prevents injuries that could be sustained from the shards.

If it is properly installed and maintained, in case of a collision, you wouldn’t be the one absorbing the shock. The glass will help in doing so.

Why They Should Be Installed and Repaired by an Expert

In case it has been damaged, it should be taken to a windscreen repair expert. There are many scenarios that you can find yourself in this situation.

Say, for example, it has been hit by a pebble, or the rear-view mirror was pulled out brutally. It leaves a chip or cracks on that spot.

A repair should be done immediately. In some cases, a replacement needs to be done. It is a must you ensure proper installation as it is important not only when driving but in case of an accident.

The repairs and installations are done to have a vital role in maintaining a car’s integrity, and should only be done by experts like Direct Quality Auto Glass.

There is complexity in installing and repairing a windshield. Not everyone can do it despite there being repair kits in stores.

One must understand what they should do and how it should be done. One simple mistake could lead to further damage, and the auto-glass becomes a safety hazard.

What Should Be Done to Increase Windshield Safety?

Improper windshield replacements and repairs can lead to safety issues while on the road. It is one reason that every year, there are cases of ejections through the glass.

While some are fatally injured, others are left with serious injuries. There are a few things that can be done to make it safer.

Ensure Appropriate Adhesive Applications

As auto-glass is installed or repaired, one of the most important things to be done is to use quality adhesive. There are different kinds available in stores and not all meet quality standards.

One should not stake money on substandard adhesive as it puts many at risk. It is another reason you should only work with a certified and experienced windscreen repair technician.

Follow The Time Recommended

Indeed, drivers are now enjoying shorter drive-away times after an installation. It is a good thing since one does not have to wait for days before they can get back on the road.

The time that the car needs to sit before it can be driven away depends on the weather, the type of the vehicle, and the adhesive used. Always ask the experienced professional how long you need to wait to ensure the repair process is completed successfully.

A driver must wait for the adhesive to cure and harden completely. Otherwise, this could lead to more expenses and even injuries.

Avoid Incorrectly Mounted Windshield

It is a grave mistake and one of the causes of windscreen ejections during accidents. It is a mistake to hire a technician who takes chances with your vehicle.

They might have all the tools and time, but they do not have the knowledge, or expertise to do the installation. They might do everything else well but make one single and costly mistake.

The windshield becomes weak and can detach at any time. The moment you hit a pothole or an airbag is deployed, it cannot withstand it. It will cause more harm than good since it can be blown out in seconds.

Avoid Improper Glass Handling Techniques

This is crucial if the glass is to be installed properly. Mistakes could occur if it is not handled well, and repairs might have issues.

A reliable and experienced windscreen repair expert understands the best techniques and applies them. It can only be strong enough if it is properly handled, repaired, or replaced.


Windscreen safety is one of the most important things you can ensure for your car. It has a role to play in the structural integrity of the car.

When it is not in good condition, it becomes a safety hazard. It could easily be blown out of the car, the roof could cave in, or the sunroof gets detached.

When an airbag at the front deploys, the auto-glass can pop out. It could be devastating when it happens when on the road.

Whenever possible, get a technician to assess it and if you notice the smallest damage, have it repaired as soon as possible. Even when it seems to be minor, get it fixed immediately.

As a car owner, think about what could happen if the auto-glass is in a bad condition. Would it be a safety hazard, or it would play a role in protecting you?

Whichever the case, make sure that your windscreen is repaired whenever damaged. No matter how small the impact may be, a technician will advise on the best solution.

Before you neglect the windscreen, it is important to take into account that it caters to about 45% of the vehicle’s structural integrity. It is a significant amount of responsibility that it has. Thus, always make sure it is perfectly maintained.

Jeff Campbell