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10 Hacks to Lower Your Streaming Service Costs in Australia

As the cost of living continues to rise, everyone is concerned with their expenses and how to cover them. It’s no wonder you’re looking for ways to cut down on costs to save up some extra money. One of those costs includes the cost of streaming services.

The cost of streaming services is rising. Even with services offering cheaper ad-based plans, the cost of having multiple streaming subscriptions can be high on the wallet, whether it’s Hulu, Netflix, or other streaming services. You can use these few hacks to watch Hulu in Australia or any other streaming service without breaking the bank. However, some of these services are geo-blocked and you need to use a VPN to access them in Australia.

Cost-Saving Hacks for Streaming

Here are a few of our most sought-after hacks for lowering the cost of streaming.

Cancel the Extra Subscription.

We understand that you want to binge on all your favourites from all the streaming services, but these services, over time, add up to a considerable dent in your expenses. A quick money-saving tip to avoid the overcrowding and costs of the subscription service is to cancel the ones you are not currently watching.

Save your money and time, go over your list of streaming subscriptions and figure out which ones has titles that you have already seen and don’t have anything new to offer to you at this moment and cancel it.

Binge Carefully

What’s excellent about streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu is that you can cancel your subscription anytime. This option is great because you can cancel your subscription to the service until you have something interesting to watch again.

You can treat this cancellation as a temporary pause from the service until you have something interesting you want to stream on the service.

Beware of Live TV

Most of us subscribed to Live TV streaming services know these services are very hefty on the wallet. A monthly subscription to Live TV can cost you a fortune without you even realizing it.

It’s time to consider letting them go, considering the high costs of these services. Cancelling even one of these services can save you a lot of money monthly.

Make Use of the Free Trials

Most streaming services, such as Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, etc., offer free trials for their service before you commit to an actual plan.

Take advantage of these free trials and plan your binges around them. Just make sure you are keeping track of the dates so you can cancel before you get charged.

Go for AD-Based Subscriptions.

Hulu, Disney +, and even Paramount Plus offer ad-based plans for their viewers. These plans are more economical than the premium ones, but the catch is that your streams get interrupted by ads in between plays.

While considering the questions of the ads, consider considering how much money you are saving by using this plan. You can always use the time between ads to grab a snack, take a bathroom break, etc.

Share a Subscription.

A great money-saving tip for binge streamers, why not consider sharing your subscription with friends and family? Services like Hulu and Netflix offer up to six profiles that can be viewed from different devices. Why not take advantage of that?

Start saving money and share an account with friends and family to stream Hulu in Australia by sharing costs.

Look for Free Streaming Services.

Many free streaming services are offered online, but they provide their content with ads. Take it this way you will get access to many great movies and TV shows, but you will have to watch ads between plays.

Being from the generation of cable TV, most of us would not have issues with sitting through ads if free streaming is involved.

Get the Right Credit Cards.

Several great market credit cards offer cash back for various services. These services can include streaming service-specific cash backs. It’s time to research your credit cards to see if they provide similar perks.

Cards such as Chase Bank offer cash back on streaming services like Hulu. Even if your credit card doesn’t offer stream-specific cash back, you can use them to get cash backs from other services and use that money for your streaming service expenses.

Stream Using Your Phone

Streaming services such as Netflix offer device-specific plans where they have a plan offered to their customers who use their mobile devices for streaming.

If you are already someone who streams on your phone, you can take advantage of this service and get your subscription to Netflix at a lower cost.

Place a Pause on Your Subscription.

Are you still waiting to break up with your streaming services? Why not consider a break? Put some of your streaming services on pause. You can choose the one that you think you need to watch more of.

Services such as Hulu offer a pause subscription offer, where the service doesn’t bill you for three months after pausing your subscription.

Wrapping Up

We understand that you love switching between streaming services to keep things interesting, but with the rising cost crisis. It is essential to have some savings on hand. To increase your protection, we put together this list to help you lower your streaming cost.

We hope these hacks prove fruitful and you can continue streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, etc.



Jeff Campbell