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12 Classic Holiday Hostess Gifts

It’s inevitable that you’ll be invited to participate in a number of holiday parties this year. Whether they are work related, friends, family or merely neighborhood acquaintances, you’ll want to be sure you are well-armed with a classic holiday hostess gift. Throwing a holiday celebration can be downright stressful while the host and hostess juggle many “ornaments” in the air. This is your opportunity to show them your gratitude and grace them with a gift they will be happy to use immediately or in the near future.

  1. A Wine Tote with a Wine Bottle. As the host or hostess of a party, there are few things more appreciated than a bottle of wine. If they are running unexpectedly low, they can uncork it and continue the party. Or, they might choose to settle into it during their more quiet after party hours. Either way, pairing it with a handsome wine tote will definitely get you another invite next year.A Coffee Table Book. Although print books may be on the decline due to the rise in interest in tablets and Kindles, a great coffee table book to occupy a living or family room table can set a tone. It can also provide guests with not only an interesting read but visually stunning photography that is sure to start many delightful conversations.
  • The New Glamour: Interiors with Star Quality
  • Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech
  • Dinner at the Club: 100 Years of Stories and recipes from South Philly’s Palizzi Social ClubVisa Gift Card. To get the hostess something really special, purchase her Visa Gift Cards. You can load it with any dollar amount you wish, and even personalize it with a favorite photo of the two of you together or a picture of something you know aligns with her tastes. Further customize the front of the card with heartfelt text such as “Happy Holidays to a Great Hostess” or “Here’s to Lots of Christmas Cheer,” whatever you decide. It’s sure to make the hostess of the party quite happy to be able to use those funds for whatever she wishes.Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark Cookies. Especially during the holidays, a melt-in-your-mouth peppermint cookie is a no-brainer go-to for a light dessert with coffee or cocoa. Your host or hostess will be delighted to set out this always popular treat. Stack the cookies delicately in an attractive, reusable tin and they will be able to return the favor when they are the guest at another holiday party.A Recipe Tin. Choose one that matches the style and personality of your host or hostess. These tins often come with a floral design but you can also find them in monochromatic, more traditionally masculine colors, as well. The tin should have tabbed dividers so the recipient can easily find their dish of choice. If your host or hostess loves to bake and/or cook, this gift will be well received indeed.

    The Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler. Sea salts from the Aegean Sea, France, Hawaii, Cyprus, and so many more. Give your host this extravagant gourmet sea salt sampler and they’ll go crazy with delight testing out the various salts such as Tibetan Rose, Matcha Zen-green tea infused, Aussie Snow, Silver Palm, and Real Toasted Onion.

    A House Plant. Nothing graces a home with more elegance than a healthy house plant. Even better than flowers (as flowers very quickly die), choose a house plant they will enjoy for the ages. Any of the succulents, lavender, rosemary topiary, kalanchoe, a Christmas cactus, paper white bulbs or a philodendron will wholeheartedly express your appreciation.

    A Seasonal Wreath. One can never have too many wreaths to grace their home. Even if they have one hanging on the door, they can always swap it out for yours or place it in another honored spot. Bringing a seasonal wreath to the gathering is similar to bringing a Christmas tree, it speaks of warmth, comfort, joy, and holiday wishes.

    A Box of Chocolate Truffles.  There are a number of indulgent brands to choose from include Melodi, Godiva Chocolatier, Baci, and Lindt. There is always a chocolate lover in the house so arriving at a holiday get together with a box or bag of chocolate truffles in tow will not only get you through the door with a smile, it will get you a warm hug and gratitude.

    A Luxury Bottle of Olive Oil. Most chefs – the professional and the home, kind – use olive oil in just about everything. There is a huge difference in taste and response with the different olive oil price points, so choose from brands like Colavita, Brightland, Calivirgin, Oilio, and more. If they can display it on their kitchen counter, even better!

    Kitchen Textile Set. You can never have too many potholders, dishcloths, kitchen towels or oven mitts. Gift your hostess a matching set of kitchen textiles with a subtle design and she’ll be delighted to showcase them.

    Attractive Salt & Pepper Shakers. While cute, that Niagara Falls salt and pepper shaker set on the table could probably be swapped out for a pair that is more elegant and classy. Regardless, an extra set will always be most welcome.

Don’t arrive empty-handed to your get togethers this holiday season. Give your host and hostess gifts that let them know how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Jeff Campbell