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5 Editing Online Tools That Will Improve a Dissertation

Thorough editing is essential for producing high-quality academic papers that meet academic standards. Without good editing, a student ends up with an imperfect dissertation that fails to prove the individual has mastered a particular subject and can conduct original research, and that’s where online editing resources come in. Online tools use advanced algorithms to catch mistakes a student might have overlooked.

Most tools suggest improving writing style and help avoid common pitfalls like excessive wordiness and repetitive sentence structures. Students tight on a budget can use free versions.

But in such a case, it’s best to use multiple editing tools to ensure accurate results. Additionally, online editing tools help ensure consistency in formatting, proper punctuation, and capitalization, thus giving a dissertation a polished and professional appearance.

Are Online Editing Tools Accurate?

Online editing tools have come a long way in terms of accuracy, thanks to advancements in natural language processing and machine learning. However, their accuracy can still vary depending on various factors, including the editing tool, language, and complexity of the written text. Most online editing tools accurately identify and correct basic grammar and spelling errors. They can catch common mistakes like subject-verb agreement, verb tense consistency, and spelling errors.

One of the limitations of online editing tools is their inability to understand the broader context of your writing. They might not grasp the nuances of certain phrases, idioms, or specialized terminology. Yes, they can be particularly valuable for non-native English speakers, but they might not always fully capture the intricacies of English as spoken by native speakers.

That’s why most students prefer online editing companies. Besides, students that buy a dissertation from a professional essay service are guaranteed flawless content that meets current academic standards. But which tools and websites can help students thoroughly edit their dissertation before handing it to a professor? Find out from this comprehensive post.


This web-based tool is ideal for editing a dissertation because it offers several advantages. For starters, it supports different formatting styles, including APA. It uses AI technology to correct content and improve its quality.

Apart from spelling check, this online application will also do a subject/verb agreement check, formatting, and writing style. After correcting basic errors, it will go further and offer smart word suggestions to elevate the writing and give it a professional look.


A dissertation is a lengthy document that can cover hundreds of pages. As a result, when editing it, you need a tool that can do the job without imposing a word limit, and that’s what makes Grammarly a good option for editing long documents. Students can also use it anywhere on the web. It will point out formatting issues and wordiness and allow a student to select the tone and whether the function of the document is to inform or convince.

Grammarly also produces a readability score to gauge how easy the content is to comprehend. A readability score also indicates how well the text flows and its structure, and how clear the sentence structures are. A higher readability score suggests the text is easier to understand and follow.

Even in academic settings, where complex ideas are discussed, maintaining a certain level of readability ensures that the content is accessible to peers or reviewers who might not be experts in the same field. If you want to hire a professional to check your academic document but don’t know who to trust, reading a handmadewriting review can help you make an informed decision.

Prowriting Aid

A student must use the premium version to perform a detailed check on a dissertation using this online tool. The free version has a short word limit which can work for shorter one-page essays but not for longer pieces such as dissertations.

Upon checking a document, it will provide a summary of the writing. It also conforms to your academic writing style and improves various areas of your writing, including tone and flow. It will identify poor word choice inconsistencies in tenses and check the overall readability of a dissertation.

Hemingway Editor

It’s free and doesn’t require students to log in to edit their dissertations. However, students who want to download and use the desktop app offline must pay a fee. In case the document has numerous complex words, it will point them out and offer simpler alternatives that, if used, can improve flow and make the content easier to comprehend.

Overusing passive and adverbs that can lower the quality of an academic document will also be highlighted. Remember that once the editing process is complete, it won’t maintain the original formatting when you copy it back to your document. Overall, to ensure a thorough, accurate edit, it’s best only to accept some suggestions. Instead, reread the suggestions and only apply them if they are capable of enhancing your writing.


As an editing tool, Ginger uses AI and machine learning. It’s easy to use, even for a student encountering it for the first time. It acts as a grammar checker and weeds out errors that might be in a dissertation. Since it uses AI, it can provide suggestions that improve quality without affecting the overall meaning or argument presented in a document.

The suggestions are also meant to improve the flow of writing. It will spot run-on sentences or hard-to-read/complex phrases. It stands out because it is compatible with various platforms, including Android devices. As a result, students can edit their academic papers on the go.

While it has no web browser option, students can still use this tool as a browser extension or by downloading and installing the software. With the premium version, students have unlimited access and can even do an in-depth dissertation analysis. With its suggestions, students can sharpen their grammar and writing skills, learn from mistakes, and become excellent writers.

Wrapping Up

Possibly, one online source won’t meet your dissertation editing goals. As a result, it’s best to work with more than one tool to achieve thorough editing. Combining the suggestions from these tools with your own critical thinking, the input of peers, and possibly a human editor can result in the most accurate and polished dissertation.

Jeff Campbell