5 Reasons Why A Roof Top Tent Is The Perfect Addition To Your Vehicle

Roof top tents are gaining more popularity as campers understand and notice the advantages of this vital camping gear. According to recent research, the US market size of rooftop tents was valued at $155.8 million in 2022. The market size is projected to grow at 7.9% by 2030.

One of the reasons behind the growth in popularity of the rooftop tent is that it is a low-cost alternative to RVing and offers an elegant method to camp. Rooftop tents are appealing as they are easy to erect and how they support inhabitants off the ground. This makes it a more convenient option than the conservation tents.

Here are five reasons why a rooftop ten is a perfect addition to your vehicle

1.  Ease of Set Up

You must get an excellent campsite when using conventional camping tents to set up your camp. You will also have to obtain a flat surface and remove sticks and stones before you use knots and poles to erect the conventional tent.

With the roof top tent 4runner, you will not undergo stressful procedures. The rooftop tents are mounted on the vehicle rooftop; hence, you will need an excellent spot to pack your vehicle.

After packing your car, you will remove the tent cover, remove the straps, set up a ladder, and unfold the tent. Within a few minutes, you will have set up your rooftop tent and be in bed.

When out camping, you will want to avoid investing in something that requires lots of tools and complex procedures to set up and dismantle. You need a tent you can set up and dismantle using simple techniques and easy-to-use tools within a few minutes.

2.  Easy to Transport

Are you an overland camper or always on the move when camping? If yes, you will appreciate Defender 90 roof rack’s transport ease. You will no longer be limited by location or terrain when using a rooftop tent.

The rooftop tents are excellent for anyone who wants to set up their camp at night and continue their journey when the sun rises. It is easy to set up and dismantle, making it easier to move quickly to different destinations when camping.

When going to camps, you will have many things to carry along. You want to avoid overloading your vehicle with heavy tent material that consumes lots of space. Instead, you require a tent that takes less storage space and is lightweight hence easy to transport.

3.  Offers above the Ground Shelter

When you use a rooftop tent, it means you will be sleeping comfortably above the ground level. With this, you can be sure of having a comfortable night away from wildlife, mud, and bugs. There are rooftop tents with mesh panels in the window, enabling campers to have a bug-free night’s rest.

Sleeping above the ground will ensure you keep dirt out of your sleeping space, especially when it rains.

Sleeping above the ground will ensure you keep dirt out of your sleeping space, especially when it rains.  Can you imagine sleeping on a rocky and uneven surface or muddy terrain? With rooftop tents, you will always be sure to have a good time deep at night since you will erect them above the ground.

4.  Offers a Comfortable Sleeping Area

Have you ever slept on a mat when camping? You did not like the feeling of pebbles and rocks poking you. Even when splurging on an air mattress, the comfort you will receive will never equal the feeling you get when sleeping in a rooftop tent.

Several rooftop tents have high-density foam mattresses that help keep campers warm and comfortable. They also have a flat floor surface and are sturdy, made from steel, fiberglass, or other solid and durable materials. Campers will not have to deal with the discomfort of sticks and rocks.

5.  Offers More Space

With rooftop tents, you will have more space to store your sleeping gear, even when unused. Since space is always a priority when you are on overland trips and camping, you will have more space to pack all your camping gear.

Compared to the ground tents, you will not have to dismantle or keep the rooftop tents in your vehicle every morning. The rooftop tents can remain mounted on your vehicle roof safely placed in its cover. This enables you to save more space in the car.

The rooftop tents are also customizable. This ensures you can always customize them to add more space by attaching the annexes, awning curtains separately and buying awnings.


Any active outdoor person who likes spending time out in nature should give the rooftop ten a try. The rooftop tent will help elevate their adventure when camping.  This tent offers a secure and elevated camping platform ensuring better views, ventilation, and security. They are affordable, making them excellent for those on a tight budget.

Jeff Campbell