After-40 Bedroom Tricks To Spice Up Your Relationship

Relationships change as you grow older, and even the hottest couples end up missing out on the spark and fire. The forties are the hardest to handle, as women struggle with pre-menopause and men deal with midlife stress. Everything boils down to keeping your sex life on track. If you don’t make a conscious effort, you may end up losing the intimacy as partners. It also puts your relationship at risk because your partner may go astray when there isn’t enough heat.

Let us share some after-40 bedroom tricks to spice up your relationship.

Modify your diet

Surprisingly, your diet can affect your performance in bed. Eating healthy keeps your energy levels up, regulates hormone production, and improves blood flow.

All these factors affect your libido, so you must pick your food selectively after forty. Walnuts, almonds, fish, fruits, and leafy greens are good choices. Try natural aphrodisiacs like saffron, fenugreek, and pistachio nuts.

Steer clear of sugar, fried foods, and alcohol as they deplete your energy levels.

Switch locations and positions

Naughty after forty is easy!

You can simply switch locations and positions to keep the excitement going.  Just try a different position on the sofa instead of the bed or have a quickie in the kitchen when no one is around. Variety can add the missing spice in your relationship and make you want more of each other.

You will probably never feel your energy levels slumping again.

Invest in a bedroom aid

If you haven’t tried a sex toy before, after-forty is perhaps the best time to experiment. It can take the excitement to a new level.

Sex experts recommend a whizzinator for couples looking to reignite the passion. It is body-safe and offers a never-before experience. Buy it as a gift for your partner’s fortieth birthday and you can have the best years in the bedroom ahead.

Create a bucket list together

Couples often lose intimacy after forty because they become too realistic.

Those crazy conversations can keep the romance in your relationship alive. Talk about your wildest fantasies and prepare a bucket list together. It will give you a lot of inspiration to stick together and bring the fire back. Not to mention, the hot conversations set you up for a crazy night as a couple.

Get age out of your head

You can make age only a number in bed if you get it out of your head. Unless you have a physical problem, you can be sexually active for as long as you want to.

If the number still seems to obsess you, talking to a therapist is a good idea. A professional can help you overcome your inhibitions and get your love life on track. They can even recommend some exercises and positions to enhance your experience.

Forty need not be a full-stop in the bedroom. If you and your partner work together, you can make these the best years of your life together. There are no pretensions, and you understand each other better.

So you can be more open and honest about your expectations and have a better time in bed.






Jeff Campbell