Are CBD Capsules as Effective as a Tincture?

The popularity of CBD products in recent years has led to more variety than ever before.

Not only are there more brands and different styles of CBD products, but there are more ways to enjoy them than could be imagined. This variety naturally leads to comparing different methods of taking CBD.

Those who prefer CBD tinctures frequently try and claim that their method is superior, despite the resistance of premium CBD capsules users.

So, who is right? Which is the more effective method of taking CBD; capsules or tinctures?

What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules aren’t exactly new, as the idea of putting a substance into capsule form and taking it that way is very traditional.

However, it is really only in the last decade or so that CBD capsules have become especially popular. Long gone are the days when the only way to consume CBD was by smoking or taking CBD tinctures.

CBD capsules are basically the same as other kinds of pills. The CBD is stored inside the capsule, which may be a softgel or have a more rigid shell.

The capsules are taken orally. This means that the user simply needs to swallow them to be able to imbibe their desired amount of CBD. From there, the CBD passes through the digestive system before working its way throughout the entire body.

So, what is it about CBD capsules that makes them fundamentally different from CBD tinctures?

What Makes CBD Capsules Different From CBD Tinctures?

The primary difference between CBD pills and CBD tinctures is that CBD pills require the user to swallow them, whereas CBD tinctures can be taken in a few different ways.

While the most common way to imbibe CBD tinctures is to take them orally, many people also apply CBD tinctures to other parts of their bodies. This can include rubbing CBD oil on their gums, taking it underneath the tongue, or even applying it to the skin when mixed with other substances to turn it into a CBD topical.

This obviously gives CBD tincture a greater degree of flexibility than CBD capsules, but that flexibility also leads to increased complexity.

Users of CBD tinctures are forced to carry around a vial of their chosen CBD tincture, as well as needing to find somewhere to take it comfortably and discreetly. It is also necessary to measure out the correct amount each time, which can lead to inconsistent doses.

CBD capsule users, meanwhile, simply take out their chosen pill and swallow it, preferably with some water.

This makes CBD capsules a lot more convenient and a lot more discreet. This is advantageous because even though CBD is legal in most of the world, there is often still some uncertainty and suspicion regarding cannabis-related products. It is also easy to get a reliable amount of CBD each time without needing to measure it.

But the real question is its effectiveness – can CBD capsules really be just as good as regular CBD tinctures? Do they have the same effects?

Can CBD Capsules Be As Effective As CBD Tinctures?

Despite the wealth of scientific data concerning the effectiveness of CBD in general, we don’t know much about how the different types of CBD compare. This is because cannabis products like CBD have only become particularly popular in the last few decades.

However, studies have shown that CBD capsules have many of the same benefits as CBD tinctures, provided the dosage is adequate.

There is ongoing research into the effectiveness of CBD capsules compared to when cannabinoids are in a liquid form, such as CBD oils. Still, it appears that the difference is more to do with the speed at which the CBD assimilates into the body rather than its total effectiveness.

So while there is still a shortage of concrete, scientifically verified information on the subject, it does seem that CBD capsules are just as effective as CBD tinctures, so long as a similar concentration of actual CBD is taken.

Are CBD Capsules as Effective as a Tincture? Final Thoughts

There is no huge difference in the effectiveness of CBD capsules compared with CBD tinctures. However, CBD capsules are far easier to take and provide a pre-measured dose each time.

CBD capsules offer greater convenience than CBD tinctures as they are more portable and more discreet. They are also a great choice for people who do not enjoy the flavor of CBD oil or those who struggle to use dropper bottles to measure an accurate dose.

The current evidence suggests that neither is superior to the other in terms of overall effectiveness. Therefore, the best product comes down to personal preference.


Jeff Campbell