Benefits of Translation Services

Did you know the best way to reach a global audience is to invest in translation services? When you operate a digital business, the key to making it more profitable is to expand brand awareness to reach an international audience. However, many companies often prefer the less expensive option of machine translation, with no guarantee of accuracy, and sometimes even expect their own employees who speak other languages to translate online content. This approach is destined for failure because, contrary to popular belief, speaking a language does not qualify you to be a translator.

Working with a professional translation company is a must for international companies. The Internet has made it possible for companies to reach millions of customers around the world, but these days, you have to be able to speak their language in order to succeed. Translation services are one of the best ways to increase your global reach and exposure. Imagine how much more effective your marketing efforts would be if you could communicate with your customers directly in their native tongue.

Website translation services play a critical role in international business as research shows that consumers tend to spend more time on sites in their native language. By investing in translation services and increasing website traffic, you can build better and more trusting relationships with customers, leading to higher turnover and increased revenues. Also, by differentiating your brand or service from the competition and entering a new market before them, you will gain a larger market share in a shorter time.

Translation services can help you communicate with a global audience, increase your sales and boost your international reputation.

Here are some more benefits of translation services:

Increases your global reach and exposure

Say you run a company that sells luxury cosmetics to women in New York. You have a loyal customer base of American women, and you’re planning on expanding into the European market. You’re a small company, so you’re not going to hire someone fluent in French or Italian for this. The cost would be too high. Instead, you could hire a translation company who works with native professional teams of linguists which would make it easier for those who don’t speak English to find out about your products and buy them. This is just one way that translation services can increase your global reach and exposure.

Enhances cross-cultural communication

The second reason to use translation services is for cross-cultural communication. Intercultural communication is difficult for many reasons, including complex cultural values, different ways of doing business, and different ways of speaking. There are also many languages in existence that we don’t know very well—the United Nations recognizes over 6,000 languages! Most companies would be unable to hire someone who knows every language spoken by their potential customers, so translation services allow them to communicate with anyone who can speak a major language like Spanish, French, or Chinese. This is important because if you can’t translate your website into a customer’s native tongue, they will have trouble finding information about your company and its products and services.

Helps you avoid costly mistakes

Translation services can help you avoid costly mistakes by enabling you to communicate more effectively with local communities and customers. This could help you avoid costly errors in marketing campaigns or product launches. A professional company who has got good translators and editors are an investment—not just something that you buy only when necessary. Acting as a cost-effective tool for long-term international communication, translation services will save your company time and money in the long run.

Translating your website into different languages will help you reach more people

Internationalizing your website enables you to reach a larger audience. By making your website available in other languages, you expand your potential customer base and increase your revenue. Translating your website into different languages makes it easier for people from different cultures to understand one another. It helps you avoid costly misunderstandings in business transactions and improves your relationships with foreign contacts.

Can help you establish better professional relationships abroad

Translation services can help you establish better professional relationships abroad, increase your global reach and exposure, and take advantage of the opportunities that come along with being a global company. They are also vital to improving the quality and accuracy of your content. Many companies do not realize that they need translation services until it is too late—after they’ve already launched their new website and have been notified by users that there are errors in their content.

A good rule of thumb is to never launch an English-only site or app without first translating all of your content into the languages that you want to target. Translation by a professional company should be done before any marketing efforts begin, so that any changes made during these early stages will not affect your marketing budget later on down the road.

Whether you’re an ad agency, a small business, or a nonprofit organization, if you want to maintain a global presence and remain competitive in the 21st century, your organization needs to be able to communicate with its target customers around the world. Translation services are an essential tool for doing so—and making sure that translation is done well is crucial, too. That’s because communication barriers can have a negative impact on brand recognition. The next time you’re thinking about hiring translation services for your business or organization to help it reach more customers worldwide, don’t hesitate. Do it instead—it’ll pay off in the long run.

Professional translation company services make all the difference!

Accuracy in translation service is one of the most crucial aspects. First and foremost, the translators are trained in both the target language and target culture. Translating is much more than rendering words from one language to another. A professional translator guarantees accuracy, saving companies from major marketing failures.

In 1987, KFC was set to expand into the Beijing market with their “Finger-Lickin’ Good” campaign. Unfortunately, the literal translation of this slogan resulted in disaster as it meant “Eat your fingers off” in Chinese. The translated message was far from the intended one. Although it may seem like a simple translation mistake, it marred the brand’s image. If you would like to avoid spending thousands or even millions on a simple yet fatal mistake, we strongly recommend getting a professional translation service. www. is a leading translation company with 25 years of experience in the industry. Thanks to its well-equipped and qualified teams, customer satisfaction is guaranteed in every project.




Jeff Campbell