Can a Marriage Last Without Intimacy?

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Wondering can a marriage last without intimacy?

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows the importance of intimacy.

I’m not necessarily talking about sex. But let’s face it, sex is certainly intimate and it’s an important part of the overall intimacy in a relationship.

If you have been in multiple relationships, chances are you also have had one where the intimacy was lacking. No passion, no fire burning, and yes; little to no sex.

But a relationship with little to no intimacy and sex is going to be very challenging.

So today, we’re diving in deep into the world of marriages, intimacy, sex and what to do if you find yourself in that situation. We’ll explore the reasons one partner might opt to not be intimate. We will also talk about options the spouse wanting the intimacy has to get it back.

But specifically, though, we’re answering the tough question of can a marriage last without intimacy.

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Is it OK to be in a sexless marriage?

Anything between 2 consenting adults is OK and technically no one else’s business.

But there are 2 main problems.

First, it’s pretty rare that both people in the relationship are OK with the lack of intimacy. Second, unless we’re talking about a medical condition when a partner pulls away and shuts down, there’s usually a somewhat catastrophic incident that led to it.

While it could be that one spouse cheated on the other and the spouse who was cheated on then shut down on an intimate level.

That’s totally understandable and something that will improve over time as the couple (hopefully) work through the issue.

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So while it is technically OK to be in a sexless marriage, if you’re asking “can a marriage last without intimacy?”, the answer is most often no.

Can a marriage survive without physical intimacy?

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In short, no.

All human beings need and crave emotional and physical intimacy. Without it, the connection and spark between the 2 people withers and dies.

Also, as I mentioned above, usually for a person to suddenly withdraw from intimacy, there is often a triggering event.

So until that spouse deals with the underlying cause and learns to Let Go of the Past, they will face challenges in all walks of life.

Not dealing with it will ultimately cause them to not be the person they truly want to be.

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The only other possible exception there would be if a long-term couple had an issue that left one (or both) of them unable to be physically intimate. Obviously, in that case, the other spouse would (hopefully) understand and be considerate of the limitations.

But for that marriage to survive, the relationship would have to have been built on very solid ground over a long period of time. They would also have to still be able to connect emotionally in an intimate way or make other accommodations for the limitations.

So asking can a marriage last without intimacy almost always leads to a solid “no”.

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Is a sexless marriage grounds for divorce?

The short answer is you can divorce anyone for any reason in almost any state in the US.

Obviously, laws vary from state to state and certainly from country to country, but when someone decides to divorce, in most cases, they’ll find a way to make it happen.

There is also legal precedent. Legally, marriage implies a sexual relationship between the spouses. Thus, if one spouse withholds sex, it can, therefore, be grounds for divorce.

Lawyers typically refer to this as “constructive abandonment.”

Even though the spouse refusing sex hasn’t physically abandoned their spouse, it can be successfully argued that they have emotionally withdrawn from the marriage.

That, by definition, is grounds for an at-fault divorce.

According to the General Social Survey, married couples, on average, have sex 58 times a year. That amounts to a little more than once a week.

That being said, married couples under 30 have sex almost twice as often. The reasons for the age differences are pretty obvious. Younger people have fewer (if any) kids and generally are not at the peak of their careers.

But if you think those numbers are low, around 15 percent of married couples haven’t had sex in anywhere from 6-12 months. That’s according to associate professor of sociology Denise A. Donnelly of Georgia State University.

What’s a relationship without intimacy?

Maybe we should first start by defining intimacy.

After all, it might mean different things to different people. The dictionary describes it as

  • a close familiarity or friendship; closeness
  • a private cozy atmosphere.
  • an intimate act, especially sexual intercourse.

So obviously it includes sex but is not exclusively sex.

If sex, for medical or emotional reasons just isn’t possible (at least for right now), consider some alternatives that can still provide that needed intimate connection.

Here are some of the top ways of building intimacy without the traditional sex act:

1. Touch

Often when we find ourselves in long-term relationships, we allow the day to day distractions of life to limit our non-sexual touching.

So we have to be intentional and strive to connect to your spouse throughout the day.

Hold hands as you go for a walk. Kiss each morning, each evening and during the day. Physical touch that isn’t (necessarily) tied to just wanting sex builds and fosters healthy intimacy and emotional connection.

2. Spend time talking without distraction

When I come home from work at the end of a long day, there’s nothing I feel like doing more than throwing on comfy clothes, pouring a drink and vegging out in front of the TV.

But you know what that doesn’t do?

It provides almost no connection to and for my wife who I haven’t seen all day. So maybe not every day, but at least 2-3 times a week, focus on your spouse.

Turn the TV off, put the phones down and after the kids are asleep, just sit and talk. You’ll be amazed what you learn, how much more connected you both feel and how much better your relationship will get over time.

3. Explore other forms of orgasm

Perhaps you or your spouse has a medical condition like ED?

Or perhaps an emotional trauma issue has left one of you not wanting traditional intercourse?

If so, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with exploring alternate forms of orgasm.

4. Court and date one another

Most of us can recall that heart-pounding magic of when our relationship was new and shiny.

But over time, especially with careers, mortgages, kids, and life, that tends to diminish as our priorities shift.

Thus, if you find yourself asking “can a marriage last without intimacy?”, setting a regular date night is a great way to rebuild that passion you both once had.

5. Connect throughout the workday through calls and texts

Often in the mornings, spouses go their separate ways and don’t reconnect again until the dinner table or later.

Thus, finding some way to connect throughout our busy days is crucial!

So whether it’s through a call or a few texts or even an email, do something to connect with them.

It lets them know you’re thinking about them and it’s an opportunity to have an exchange.

And however impersonal an electronic exchange is, it’s better than none.

How can I improve my sexless marriage?

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If you are the spouse withholding the sex then obviously there is something medically or emotionally going on that needs to be dealt with.

Even if you divorce your spouse, you can’t run away from yourself. Those damaging feelings (or underlying medical condition) will still be there.

You owe it to yourself to fix it.

If you are the spouse being forced to live in an emotionally barren and sexless marriage then you have an altogether different path to fixing the issue.

First, if you did anything to cause your partner to withdraw, you have to own it 100%, fix it and be patient.

But if your spouse is dealing with something from their past or some other issue outside the marriage then that requires a different approach. Before you start demanding sex, you have to help your spouse identify the root cause and support them in dealing with that.

Do let them know how their actions make you feel. Don’t make them feel guilty, ashamed or criticized.

When they feel supported emotionally and don’t feel criticized or belittled, they will start to open back up; especially if you support them in getting the mental or physical help they need.

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The terrible truth about divorce statistics

Ultimately we can talk about thoughts and feelings all day on the question of can a marriage last without intimacy?

But it’s also good to take a look at the cold, hard facts.

The top 3 reasons for divorce include:

  • Infidelity
  • Money problems
  • Basic incompatibility

In truth, a lack of intimacy could certainly fall under the heading of “basic incompatibility, so let’s dive in deeper.

The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (bet those are some folks who know how to party) found that”the incompatibility is usually caused by one or more of the other choices.”

They go on to note that “basic incompatibility – is usually created by deeper issues somewhere in the relationship – usually an emotional, physical, or financial breach of trust.”

But on a slightly good note, they ultimately found that “financial disagreements were the strongest disagreement types to predict divorce for both men and women.”

Thus while we can ask can a marriage last without intimacy, money is an even greater destroyer of marriages.

That being said, it’s clear that in the vast majority of cases. When asking the question can a marriage last without intimacy, the answer is almost always going to be a no.

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Did we answer can a marriage last without intimacy?

In this post, we took a hard look into one of the more common marital challenges.

Intimacy and the lack of it in marriages and relationships.

We explored why someone might withdraw their intimacy from a relationship and what we can do to get it back. Specifically, we answered the question can a marriage last without intimacy.

While you may not like the answer, now that you know it, you can at least make an educated choice as to what to do in your marriage.

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Is your marriage struggling with intimacy?

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