7 Best Exercise Equipment Picks for Seniors

There are 4 levels of degeneration that start happening in the body with growing age. And staying active, doing exercises and focusing on cognitive and physical functionality helps intervene and slow this process. 

There are many workout accessories and exercise equipment that can be used to assist in daily workouts and help positively impact your health. Ones that are easy to use, efficient and safe for practice must be chosen to make the workout as enjoyable as possible. 

Here are 7 best exercise equipment picks for seniors:

  • Rowing Machine

The Rowing Machine is a piece of cardio equipment and is one of the most efficient equipment ways to strengthen the body. Cardio means it is centred around the heart and lungs. Using this, one can efficiently stretch major parts of the body like the shoulders, back and arms and legs. 

It helps strengthen the core and one of the best things about the equipment is that it is highly customisable. So, it can be personally tailored for seniors so that they do not strain key joints. It helps decrease weight and also increases stamina and energy, in the long run. 

  • Treadmill

A treadmill is a piece of great cardio equipment that helps get the heart pumping and the muscles working better. They are great for older adults who have been prescribed walking by their doctors and are a very safer option. Seniors can simply take time out at home itself and exercise indoors. 

Treadmills have various fitness benefits that help improve balance, keep the blood pressure in check and also boost metabolism. Newer models of the equipment are getting very developed and can be folded so they do not take up space and can be wheeled away after your workout.

  • Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is a great alternative to a treadmill and is also a piece of cardio equipment. The difference is that an elliptical trainer has pedals that are designed so that they never leave your feet. They help work out the whole body and aid in strength training. Through this seniors who can stand for long periods can increase mobility, improve bone density and get better functionality in ligaments, among other benefits. 

They come in all sizes and some can even fit under desks and tables. The handlebars that also come with the equipment also provide an additional security feature for the seniors to hold on to and avoid injury. 

  • Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is simply one of the most essential pieces of equipment for various low-impact exercises. It is a flexibility equipment, that is, it is centred around that function. It helps in increasing flexibility and ensuring the body muscles are loose and tension free. This prevents pain and soreness. It provides a great base to exercise on the feet, knees or the ground. These exercises help strengthen the core and improve balance.

  • Stability Ball

Also referred to as a Yoga ball, a stability ball helps to strengthen core strength which is very important for balancing and proper posture maintenance. It can be used for stretching along with various other exercises that help strengthen the core muscles and increase overall fitness. It comes in various sizes and dimensions and is a piece of very helpful home equipment for workouts.

  • Wrist Weights

Strength building equipment like wrist weights helps add a bit more challenge to the same old workout routine. They can be easily added to the wrists or one can easily just hold them in the palm of their hands while using the treadmill, or walking etc. They are very light in weight just so that they do not become a strain in the workout but also help to make a tiny challenge for the trainee. 

  • Recumbent Bike Machine

Cycling is a very good option for exercising and building balance. Recumbent bike machines help provide a very efficient cardiovascular workout but in a very convenient manner as well. They are designed in a manner that helps the trainee lean their back comfortably and get a better grip through the handlebars on the sides. 

This kind of chair design makes it very easy to get on and off and their non-strenuous design for the body provides a very comfortable alternative for seniors who might suffer from joint issues. 


Hence, we find that various workout accessories can be used by seniors to improve their fitness and live a longer life dodging as many health-related complications as they can. Also, remember to speak with a doctor or a trainer before incorporating any workout that may strain the body.


Jeff Campbell