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Best Free Plagiarism Checkers Tool To Help Students Find Original Content

Any person who has at least heard a little about the way students must work on their assignments knows that plagiarism is one of the worst things that can happen. When plagiarism is found in work it is rated zero, and a student can have serious problems with further education. It is clear that no one in the academic field wants to face plagiarism. Let’s consider why plagiarism is so bad and the tools that can help you to avoid it.

Why is it important to write without plagiarism?

It seems not a big deal that work includes not only the author’s original thought. At least, one of the requirements for good research is to use the thoughts and ideas of those who worked on the topic previously. So what’s the matter?

  • Academic honesty and new ideas. The main aim of the academic work is to develop the science at least a little. The author must provide some original idea or a new discovery in their field for this aim. The work has to be supported by previous studies, but all of them must be properly cited. Providing another person’s text without proper referencing is simply stealing.
  • Obtaining proper knowledge. Even though the work is not a scientific article that is supposed to be printed in a peer-reviewed journal, it still must not include plagiarism. In such cases, writing without plagiarism is part of a person’s education to pass successfully.
  • Familiarity with technical requirements. Sometimes the thing is found as plagiarism is not a malicious appropriation of part of the work. It is simply a technical mistake when the author could even put quotation marks but forgot to put the number of pages or to include a source in the references list. In such a case, writing without plagiarism is important to learn to be patient and follow all necessary technical requirements.

Nowadays, all academic assignments and scientific works must be checked for plagiarism. The plagiarism checkers are available not only for the facilities but also for any private person.

What do you need to know about plagiarism checkers?

They are different. It is clear that the best plagiarism checker for universities will not be available for a wide audience because of the security measures. However, there can be a  plagiarism checker for teachers and students, as well as many other people interested to see if their work contains any percentage of the thing that can be defined as plagiarism, freely available online.

They may make mistakes. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence is not developed nowadays strong enough to be similar to humans, and due to that, programs may make mistakes. Plagiarism-checkers are not an exception to this rule. They may highlight some common phrases as plagiarism and not always pay attention that some phrases are in quotation marks. You must not be worried about the last one point because the result of the plagiarism-checker’s work is always considered by a human, and people are more attentive and understanding in such cases.

Take time. If you want to check your work or your student’s work, not with a plagiarism checker for university students or with a free tool online, you have to know that such a check takes some time. Don’t leave the check at the last minute because it can take time from a few minutes to dozens of them, depending on the particular checker and its load. You have to take that into account and manage time before providing your work to have those minutes because they can be critical in the case of academic deadlines.

Free plagiarism-checkers

You may have this unpleasant experience when the site promises you free service, but when you try to get it, you find out that the site requires registration. And this might not be the last step before you will, at last, get desirable service. We have collected for you a few available plagiarism checkers, some of which require registration, and some do not.

  • Paper Checker

This service allows you not only to see the percentage of plagiarism in your paper but also to check the correctness of your grammar and writing errors. It does not require registration, but be attentive because you need to choose the option of plagiarism checking below the window where you put the text.

  • Duplichecker

Also free and does not require registration. Have two big buttons that allow you to choose if you want to check the grammar or plagiarism percentage in the paper. Offer you to download the doc or pdf report about the check you made after it is finished. It has a limit of one thousand words per search.

  • Grammarly

As well as Paper Checker, Grammarly can check your paper for plagiarism and grammar errors as well. Grammarly is somewhere between the services that require registration and those that don’t. If you put the text or upload the file, the service will show you if some similarities in your paper and outside sources were found. Hence, you can know if your paper contains any percent of plagiarism or if it doesn’t. However, if you want to find original content online, the similarities which are in your paper, you need to register on the site or upload the app.


Upon scanning an uploaded document for plagiarism, the Plagiarism Check provides users with detailed reports, containing detailed information about the sources which might be plagiarised, or were cited incorrectly. With such reports, you will be able to easily eliminate plagiarism from your paper.

Of course, the list of the different sites and apps that offer plagiarism-check and services that can be related to it is not finished with the short list above. You can find more services that can check the text and help to find original articles online. IT can take time to find a service that is the most appropriate for your aims and tasks, but it definitely will be found.

Jeff Campbell