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Best Lawn Care Tools to Help You Maintain Your Lawn


If you want your lawn to look impressive, it is important for you to maintain it with the best law care tips. Proper lawn care adds to the appearance of your house. Moreover, you are able to enjoy the lush green lawn full of colorful flowers with your friends and family. 

Lawn care require you to plan and prepare the lawn maintenance tasks. For making your lawn look the best, you have to take good care of it all year round. You need to use the right lawn care tools to keep your lawn in a good condition. 

Here is the best lawn care tools list


You need to water the lawn to keep it lush green and healthy. A hose will help you out during the dry spells to strengthen the roots of the grass and plants. 

Gardening enthusiasts love giving a quick watering to their lawn every day. Your lawn needs a good soaking to encourage the grass to grow stronger and deeper.

Leaf blower 

The piles of leaf in the garden make it look quite unappealing. You only need to have a good quality leaf blower for collecting all the leaves from the garden. In this way, you are able to wrangle up all the stray leaves in your garden. 

Leaf blowers do not require much effort to keep your garden clean and green. It saves your time and makes your clean up a lot easier. You can get electric powered and gas powered leaf blowers. A gas powered leaf blower is more reasonable. If you are looking for a leaf blower for commercial use, you should get a gas powered-leaf blower. 

Wheel Barrow. 

Wheel barrows make it easy for you to transport the soil, leaves and fallen branches. You can also use them for moving rocks, and pots in your garden. You can carry anything heavy in a wheel barrow without the need of making too many trips. 

Instead of rolling all the logs of the trees individually, with a wheel barrow you are able to carry them collectively and move then to a new location. 


An edger allows you to do the edging of the sidewalks, and path ways. It is a must-have gardening tool that allows you to make the sidewalks and path ways look even. 

You are able to add an aesthetic sense to your garden by cutting the plant beds. Neat and tidy edges make your garden look beautiful. 


For distributing the fertilizer and pesticides across your garden, a spreader is an essential tool. For circulating the materials in a circular way, there is a spinning arm to the spreader. This allows you to spread the pesticide and fertilizer in a large amount. 

If you want to spread the liquid treatments all over your garden, you can use a spreader to do the task. A drop spreader allows you a more controlled spread of the fertilizer. 

A spread is an essential lawn care tool that allow you to broadcast the seed and other lawn care materials effectively. 


Sprayers allow you to fertilize tomato plants to treat the disease. You can give your plants different treatments to make them grow properly. Sprayers are available in different styles and designs. Most people use handheld sprayers if they need to treat one or few plants. However, if you have a large area to take care of, you need to buy a pull behind lawn sprayer for 2 acres. 

The pull behind lawn sprayer is a gas powered and electric powered sprayer. It allows you to sufficiently treat your lawn and prevent the weeds. 

For a large garden area, you need a 21-gallon pull behind lawn sprayer so that you are able to conveniently treat your garden with the required liquid treatments without much hassle. 


For homeowners, who are serious about maintaining a lush green lawn, this best lawn care tools list is helpful. A hose, leaf blower, wheel barrow, pull behind sprayer are the essential items you require for the lawn care.


Jeff Campbell