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5 Reasons to Consider Buying an Electric Car for Your Family

Even though electric vehicles offer a great alternative to fossil fuel burning cars, the majority of the car-buying public is still not convinced that they are proper replacements. As with any new technology, people are often skeptical about the whole EV revolution. However, they shouldn’t be since the electric cars offer can save you so much money and improve your driving experience while helping save the environment.

If you are still unclear, here are the five reasons why you should consider buying an EV for your family.

  1. It will save you money

Compared to the ever-rising prices of petrol or diesel fuel, electric cars are amazingly cheap to run.

Primarily if you use home chargers or charge your car in shopping malls or on the street, if we include charging costs, insurance, tax, maintenance, etc. We can see that the average cost of running an EV is about 64 p per mile. At the same time, running an average fossil fuel burning car will set you back at almost 80 p per mile.

  1. Convenience

Electric cars have a few advantages that no other petrol or diesel vehicle has, which makes them more convenient for everyday family use.

You can charge it at your home, which makes you independent from gas stations, potential shortages, and rising prices. You can also enter the city center, park closer to your work, and use some areas that are not allowed for petrol or diesel-powered vehicles.

All of that makes EVs more practical and usable.

  1. Safety

All modern electric vehicles are extremely safe and equipped with advanced systems.

If you opt for higher-end cars, you will get autonomous driving and collision prevention systems as standard, which proved to be very effective in high-risk situations. If you are shopping for a family vehicle, safety is of utmost importance, and manufacturers of modern EVs are paying much attention to that.

  1. Perfect for city driving

Contrary to petrol-powered vehicles, EVs use less power in city driving than on the highway due to regenerative braking, which is an integral part of driving in an urban environment.

Along with being able to enter the restricted zones, electric vehicles are perfect urban commuter vehicles, ideal for picking kids from school, football practice, and popping to the shops. The best thing is the fact that you can park closer to your points of interest and in some areas parking is free for electric vehicles, which is good to know.

  1. Rising the Awareness

Using an electric vehicle as your primary family transportation will not only save you money and make your life easier during the daily commute but educate your children on the importance of promoting renewable energy sources. The zero-emissions vehicles’ sole purpose is to help the environment, and by using it as a family car, your will set a far better example than driving them around in a gas-guzzling SUV. If you’re considering getting an electric car for your family it’s best to learn that not all electric cars are for family use due to some features but if you want to know more what are the best electric cars for your family visit the best electric cars in 2022.

Although there are some great benefits of choosing to drive an EV, you will have to get use to charge speeds, battery levels and carrying around an EV charging cable.

After driving for a number of years this can get some getting used to but it is no different to carrying your phone charger in your laptop bag. The other confusing factor is getting used to ev charging speeds but EV King, have created a great tool for showing charge speeds at different levels (3 pin, domestic and public).

Just submit your electric car reg and it will give you the charging times at each speed.

Jeff Campbell