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Here Are 4 Things All Parents Should Know

While parenting is one of the most rewarding roles you can have, it is all-consuming. Being a parent takes most of your time and energy, especially for little ones. You love your little bundle of joy, but that’s likely not your only responsibility. Life can get hectic fast as a parent. Here are some things all parents should know to help you juggle life and parenting like a rockstar.

1. It Takes a Village

Although it may feel like it at times, you are not alone. It takes a village to raise a child, and there is no shame in asking for or accepting help. You might want to soak up every second of time while your kids are little, but real life continues and you have to endure. It can get overwhelming fast. If you have someone offering to watch your child or help with family meals, show gratitude for their offer and take it.

Your child may notice you’re gone, but they will acclimate and be completely fine. Cut yourself some slack and release your parent guilt for leaving your child. You’re human and you need some time away from them. Whether it’s to go to work, shop for groceries in peace or practice self-care, it’s OK—and completely normal. Get take-out when you’re too tired to cook or let your kids eat junk food and don’t feel guilty about it. You can only do so much—and you’re doing great.

2. How To Remove Stains

Parenting comes with all sorts of trial and error as you navigate life with little ones. You’ll learn how to multitask in creative ways so you can get literally anything accomplished. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn ways to make your life easier. Learn cleaning tips and tricks to keep you sane, like weekday cleaning to free up your weekend. Stains also come naturally with little ones. From food spills to grass and mud stains, you’ll likely always be trying to scrub a stain out of clothing.

Soak the towel or clothing in a cleaner with enzymes or laundry detergent, then wash it to remove tough mud stains. White towels might seem out of the question to have in your home when you have kids, but lemon juice works wonders on them. Bring water and lemon juice to a boil for about twenty minutes, then soak your towels in the mixture for about an hour. Then, wash it like normal for bright white towels!

3. Self-Care Is Important

Self-care isn’t selfish. You might feel like your entire existence revolves around your kids and that’s completely normal. However, you’ve heard that you can’t pour from an empty cup, right? Take some time to nurture yourself and be proud of the person and parent you are. Practicing self-care can restore your energy and provide balance. Setting boundaries with your kids and prioritizing your needs can increase your positivity and focus as a parent. You must take time to recharge your batteries.

Step back and take a moment to rejuvenate and refuel so you can show up 100% for your kids in every way possible. Self-care can be making time for a walk for 30 minutes a day or scheduling a massage. It can also look like shutting yourself off in your room to binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix. Indulge by treating yourself to a latte or getting a manicure—whatever works for you. Prioritizing self-care can help you remember yourself apart from being a parent.

4. Routines Provide Structure

As a parent, routines can be your saving grace. If you’ve never liked making lists and like living your life spontaneously, say goodbye to that lifestyle. Welcome to parenthood. You’re going to be tired—so tired that you might not remember to wash the conditioner out of your hair or set the alarm as you leave your home. Create a schedule that will help. Lists and routines will not only keep your sanity intact, but they will help you and your family thrive.

Routines can help you and your kids stay on track. Having a routine can provide structure for your child so they know what to expect. Kids with a predictable schedule and routine can feel more in control of their environment, increasing their confidence. Routines can mitigate ADHD symptoms and ease anxiety in children. Kids often feel more secure when they know what to expect. A bedtime routine can make your evenings run more smoothly and teach your child personal hygiene, independence, and responsibility.

Things All Parents Should Know

As parents, you will learn and grow with your child. You’ll learn what works for you and your child and what doesn’t. Recognize what works and stick with it regardless of what others tell you. Every child is different and there is no one size fits all parenting rule. Use these tips to help you on your parenting journey, but only you will know what works best for you and your family.





Jeff Campbell