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Buying YouTube Subscribers to Market Your Product: 7 YouTube Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2022


Youtube has something for everyone. It has content for almost everything however its beauty is that it also gives back to its creators. With a very large user base, Youtube is the perfect platform to both advertise and market your product to a global audience.

Since Youtube has content for everyone, everything posted gets viewed by someone. Youtube’s simple interface makes it very easy to use. Therefore it is another reason why it is a great platform for business.

It is not limited by formality but promotes creativity. This pushes businesses to discover new ways to market their products and services to the various audiences present on youtube.

With this being said, there are some statistics that every marketer has to keep in mind while promoting their products.

1. General Youtube Statistics:

These include the monthly(2.6 b) and daily (122 m) Youtube users. Their average watch time (14 min and 22 sec) should be kept in mind too. Knowing these statistics provides the marketers with information about how big of a market they will be able to tap into. With so many users logging in daily, there are a lot of possibilities!

2. Demographics:

One of youtube’s best features is being able to access the kind of demographics that view your content. Using tools like youtube studio, allows you to learn more about your audience so you can make better content to keep your viewers hooked.

Youtube also curates people’s feeds based on their location. While you get an international audience, you can still saturate your national market with your product.

3. Average Watch time:

People spend over 1 b hours consuming content on Youtube. You can analyze the kind of videos that are doing the best at that moment and create videos using that format. This will then ensure that more people watch your videos. As a result, your sales will increase.

4. Youtube and Business:

Over 52% of youtube searches are branded searches. With this in mind, marketers should keep making an active effort to post content about their products in order to increase their viewership.

Youtube helps a business communicate with its existing customers as well as with potential customers. It allows them to grow both their brand image and brand visibility.

5. Smart phones vs. Desktops:

63% of youtube’s watch time is from smart phones. When using this platform, businesses should keep this statistic in mind. They should optimize their content according to the mobile trends that exist at the moment.

6. 500 hours of videos uploaded in 1 minute:

Every minute, there is 500 hours worth of videos uploaded on Youtube. Considering the general watch time, the audience that youtube has is amazing. This is something that businesses cannot ignore. Obviously, they must take full advantage of it to increase visibility and sales.

7. Highest Penetrated Platform:

The scope is really wide for marketers as 62% of the global consumers use Youtube. It is a very accessible site which is the reason why it is so popular and widely used. With this in mind, a business should market its products in a way that audiences from all over the world should be able to understand the product. This will allow them to make informed purchasing decisions.

There are many ways to amplify your presence on this social media platform. The quickest and easiest way to do it is to buy subscribers.

Buying subscribers will boost your channel in the algorithm thus promoting your brand. It helps you reach the wide audience that Youtube provides. It takes lesser effort while attracting real subscribers. An increased engagement with your page will further promote your channel and product.

Some of the best sites to purchase subscribers are:

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Video content is taking over the internet and it is important for businesses to realize this. They need to use this to their advantage and create advertisements accordingly.

Youtube has the largest viewership hence, businesses should grab the opportunity that Youtube gives them. The ability to connect with a larger, more global audience allows the business to keep growing and evolving. It is still important for businesses to cater to their audience’s preferences.

As we keep progressing, businesses need to seize every opportunity they get to advertise their products and increase sales. With the help of certain techniques and tools, these goals can easily be achieved.


Jeff Campbell