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Top Tips for Starting a Business During a Global Pandemic

While the global pandemic has impacted upon businesses, there are some businesses that are thriving and some businesses that will come out stronger after the pandemic.

These range from delivery companies, supermarkets, artisan bakers, and cleaning companies to name but a few. If you are considering launching a business, it will certainly be a challenge but it is the perfect opportunity to launch a business that meets the needs of your potential customers. If you have an emergency fund and funds set aside to start your business then why not give it a go?

Below are some tips to consider which will help you along the way.

Know Your Customer

As with every business, knowing the needs of your customer is key to sales. People have shifted what they buy and how they buy it during this global pandemic. Research to ensure you know there is a market for your product or service.

Even if you are going to start a business renting a property, do your research and also consider how you will seek the  funding to purchase a vacation rental property. Rental property is a great market at the moment as many people can put off buying property as they are very uncertain about things at the moment.


Your product or service will need to be marketed to your potential customers.

Set yourself a goal of developing a marketing strategy that will help you reach potential customers. While traditional marketing – face-to-face is difficult, online marketing has increased. It’s important that you market your product or service and figure out the different channels you can utilize. 

Use Social Media

Utilizing social media not only to connect with customers but to obtain a following for your business is a great way to share your values. Always engage with potential customers and respond to their comments and suggestions in a positive way.

Setting out to share the values of your business will gain you a following and get them excited at what you have to offer.

Business Plan

Set yourself business goals and note these in a business plan.

They should be achievable goals and broken down month by month. Starting a business during a global pandemic is a great way to ensure you cover all bases and consider if there is a recession how your business can adapt and move with the uncertain financial situation.


Having your own business and starting out means you can adapt and be flexible. Should you need to change things you can do so quickly. Being nimble and adaptable is a great attribute for all new businesses.

The above are just a few tips if you are considering starting a business during this global pandemic.

Remember, starting a business costs money so ensure you have the funds available to start the business. This may mean looking at your savings or borrowing money. Whatever you decide ensures you are financially secure should the business fail to take off.

Speak with your family and get them behind you, this will prove valuable when you need help or support to ensure your business succeeds. 

Jeff Campbell