11 Catchy Names for Parenting Classes to Get More Business

All new parents can benefit from parenting classes. But to get new parents in your door, you have to use one of these catchy names for parenting classes.

Some of the catchiest names for parenting classes include Perfect Parenting, New Parent Boot Camp, Practical Parenting, Positively Parenting, Present Parenting, Resilient Parenting, and Dynamic Duo Parenting.

So no matter how much time you spend creating the ultimate parenting class, if you don’t craft the perfect name for your class, you’ll open the door to crickets.

But once you find the right name, parents will be beating down your door to sign up for your parenting class waiting list. The right name is just a combination that clearly (and simply) defines which kind of problem the course addresses and conveys the solution they will get from your class.

If it also instills a sense of urgency so they feel compelled to sign up, even better.

So in this post, we’re looking at the best ways to create catchy names for parenting classes so your class can be the best on the block!

The top-ranking parenting courses on Udemy

Udemy is one of the world’s leading sources for online classes and courses.

Thus, when looking to create catchy names for parenting classes, it’s a great place to see what kinds of names are doing the best.

Even if your parenting class isn’t an online course, you still need a catchy name so we can still learn a lot by looking at what kinds of names are doing the best.

Here are the 11 best-ranked parenting courses on Udemy:

  1.  Neuroscience for parents: How to raise amazing kids
  2.  Parenting Skills to Raise Responsible, Mature Children
  3.  How to get your kids to cooperate-even if they don’t want to
  4.  Positive Parenting – Dealing with Power Struggles
  5.  Dysfunctional Families & How to Be a Better Parent
  6.  When Time-Out doesn’t work: Practical positive parenting
  7.  Positive Parenting – Dealing with Power Struggles
  8.  Co-Parenting Into The Future
  9.  An Introduction to Montessori
  10.  Parenting: Bullying & What Parents Can Do
  11.  Parenting: Business & Entrepreneurship For Kids And Teens

The first thing we realize when we look at these names is it’s very clear for most of them what their focus is on.

They mostly focus on a specific problem or goal.

After all, ALL parents want to be a good parent and raise great kids. So catchy names for parenting classes shouldn’t try to be all things to all parents. Focus on a specific issue with a specific subset of parents.

The other quick takeaway from Udemy is that these names (and many others on their top-ranked list) have an average of 7.36 words.

That doesn’t mean you can’t go shorter or longer than that, but if I were trying to write catchy names for parenting classes, I wouldn’t go fewer than 6 words or more than 9 or 10.

Use sentence case for your catchy names for parenting classes

If you look at the Udemy course titles I referenced above, you’ll notice all but 3 of them use a different style of capitalization.

Sentence Case is When the First Letter of the Most Important Words Are Capitalized.

Standard capitalization would simply be to capitalize the 1st letter of the 1st word and then only proper nouns. For headlines, which essentially is what a parenting class name is, sentence case just stands out better.

It’s not a must, obviously since 3 of the best-selling courses I listed above aren’t doing that, but take a tip from the remaining 8 and use sentence case capitalization.

So let’s review my 11 tips on writing . . . 

Catchy Names for Parenting Classes

1. Identify a specific problem your parenting class solves

Parents have problems. Your parenting class (ideally) has the solution.

Focus on the solution(s) your class solves. Be specific. Don’t just say it will make them a better parent or make their kids better behaved. Take some time and figure out exactly what your course or class accomplishes. No one parenting class will solve all problems for all people.

So niche down and focus on 1 problem your class solves for the types of parents who are likely having that problem.

2. Think about the ideal parent who will relate to that problem

Once you know what problem your parenting class solves, think about the kinds of parents that would most likely have that problem. It could be:

  • Parents of kids with autism
  • A parent with triplets
  • Single moms and dads
  • Parents of kids with ADHD

Again, a narrower focus is better than broader. While it might be tempting to try and craft catchy names for parenting classes that appeal to parents of all of the 73 million children in the world, your class will do far better focusing on a narrow segment of those.

Have multiple ideas for different segments of parents?

Great! Once you get this class rockin’, start another one geared towards your second idea.

3. Discover how those types of parents find parenting classes

You might wonder how this relates to writing catchy names for parenting classes, but if the ideal parent for your class isn’t online much, that does affect how you will craft your perfect class name.

So figure out are they:

  • On Facebook
  • A Twitter user
  • Maybe a Pinterest or Instagram fanatic
  • Offline altogether

Once you know the best platforms to reach them, you can dig into those platforms and see some specific examples to help you write catchy names for parenting classes.

For example, if they use Pinterest or Instagram, you know you need some amazing pictures to go with your name. You also know you’ll need to research the best hashtags to use.

4. Use You or Your in the title

No one likes an impersonal conversation.

So when it makes sense, use you or your in your class name and description. It addresses the parent personally and helps them feel more connected to you. It also helps them learn to trust you more if they feel you’re connected to them and their problem.

Assuming you are charging for your class, building trust before you ask for money is a significant step that is needed.

Once they trust you, you’ve identified their specific needs and conveyed that you have the solution, they won’t hesitate to pay for it.

5. Ideally, keep your parenting class name to 10 or fewer words

As we addressed above, the top-ranked parenting courses on Udemy I listed above have an average word count of 7.36 words.

Thus I suggest having at least 6 words in your catchy parenting class names and no more than 10.

6. Address the specific problem in your parenting class name

Also as I’ve mentioned, once you identify the problem your parenting class solves, address it in the name.

For example, the Udemy course I listed above, “How to get your kids to cooperate-even if they don’t want to” identifies defiant children. While it doesn’t use that word, it’s clear from the phrase “even if they don’t want to” that this is what the course addresses.

7. Also, mention the solution in your class name

While identifying the problem is a must for catchy names for parenting classes, we also have to show them that you have the solution.

Otherwise, we’re just reminding them they have a problem, and no one wants that.

Udemy course #2 I listed above, “Parenting Skills to Raise Responsible, Mature Children”, mentions both responsible and mature children in the title. Thus it’s clear that their course provides the solution for parents of irresponsible and immature kids.

8. Convey to the parent the benefits they will see once they take your parenting class

So going back to my above Udemy course example in #6, the lead in that says “How to get your kids to cooperate” identifies that the benefits parents will get when they take that course. So your catchy parenting class names must include problem-solution-benefits.

9. Avoid the technical aspects

No one wants to hear that your class is 15 hours long or has 12 segments.

While you might be proud of how much time you spent creating this amazingly in-depth parenting class, when you focus strictly on technical aspects, parents will run, not walk, for the nearest exit.

Again, get them to identify with the problems they are having and see your class as the solution.

10. Stay away from shaming the parent or child

While negative superlatives do sell headlines on Buzz Feed (11 Worst Parenting Habits You Should Stop Doing), if you are trying to get parents to enroll in your parenting class, you want to stay away from shaming them or their child.

That doesn’t mean you can’t identify the problem (and show that you have the solution), but that’s not the same as making them feel bad about themselves or their kid.

11. Use a superlative

I mentioned superlatives in #10. A superlative is simply an adjective that grabs your attention.

For example, 10 Ways to Help Your ADHD Child to Focus is not quite as compelling as 10 Amazing Ways to Help Your ADHD Child to Focus.

Don’t overuse them though. 1 superlative per class name is plenty.

Personally, I find that the best superlatives to use are:

  • Amazing
  • Proven
  • Guaranteed
  • Free
  • Expert
  • Powerful

But play around with different ones to see what fits your list of catchy names for parenting classes the best.

Check out this free title generator to get some rough ideas

The company Portent (not an affiliate) has a free title maker tool you can use if you’re stuck or if you want to generate some ideas to start from.

Just enter a subject (like parenting class), keep it lowercase and singular and don’t be afraid to play around with a few variations.

In entering parenting class just now, I got the following results:

  • The Only Parenting Class Resources You Will Ever Need
  • The 11 Worst Parenting Classes in History
  • Why Parenting Classes are the Secret Ingredient

These were the best I saw of the 15 or so times I tried the generator.

While I can see some benefits of these, for me, they aren’t specific enough. But they could be used in a description of your parenting class that follows the title.

To be fair, while you can refresh and try again as many times as you want, I did get a lot of useless names that would be terrible names.

So while it might be a good place to start, you aren’t likely to just hit a button and be done.

Final Thoughts

Today, we took an in-depth look at crafting parenting class names.

The wrong name can cause parents to skip right over your amazing class. But the right name will have them signing up in droves. It’s crazy to think that the same class could have radically different results just based on the name, but it’s true.

In today’s world, people are distracted easily and they are busy. So if your parenting class name doesn’t quickly and easily compel them to sign up, most folks will quickly move on to one that does.

So specifically, we looked at the very best ways on how to create catchy names for parenting classes.

That way you can get back to teaching a great class knowing that people will be beating down your door to sign up.

Is your parenting class an online class or in person?


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