Causes Of Back Pain And How To Take Better Care Of Your Back 

You probably heard people say, “Stand straight!” or “Sit down properly.” Despite how it may seem, there is wisdom in these seemingly “bossy” remarks. Other than following instructions, it is about keeping your posture in check. On that note, what happens if we develop poor posture?

After a long day of work, your body can feel exhausted. Your muscles might react differently and negatively if your body got strained from too much work. Symptoms like aching muscles, joints, hips, and back might start acting up. When this happens, you have no other way but to take it seriously. 

Usually, the soreness we feel in our body is a direct result of neglecting to care for it. Since you tend to overwork yourself, you get so used to minor pains and aches that they begin to feel normal. Unbeknownst to you, it’s actually getting worse. This is why it is necessary to fix the problem right from the start. It will save you from getting a much worse health condition.

In this article, let us focus on what causes and how you can prevent back pain. It is essential to know these things so that you can prevent any major (and sometimes irreversible) damage to your body. Click here to read about someone’s personal experience of it. 

Common Causes of Back Pain

  • Posture

Good posture is essential when you are working, studying, or even meeting people. It improves or protects your muscle health, even your mood. On the other hand, slouching or hunching could destroy your body’s posture. It could negatively affect the functions of your legs, shoulders, and back. 

  • Diseases

If you have problems with your spine, chances are, you are going to experience pain and discomfort. It may even cause secondary diseases, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, or even bone cancer to name a few. Symptoms may vary depending on your illness. There could be body pain, fever, or immobility. 

  • Heavy Work

Some jobs cause back pain to people or employees. Examples of such jobs are construction, medical, maintenance, and the like. Putting so much effort into leaning, bending, or carrying can be detrimental to spine and muscle health. For instance, a sudden twist in the hip could result in stretched muscles.

  • Ruptured Disk

One of the reasons why you are feeling intense pain on your back may be because you have a ruptured disk. Question is, how did you get it? It is most likely caused by strained muscles, that is why it brings you much discomfort. Another might be is if you were caught in an accident before. Aging also contributes to having a ruptured disk, which can feel very uncomfortable for the person involved.

How To Take Better Care Of Your Back

  1. Avoid carrying heavy things.

One reason you have backaches is because you exert too much force when bending down or lifting something up. Ask for help from other people. Also, you can use machines to carry heavy packages that is beyond your capacity. If you move very heavy things, it might even cause your bones to snap or break.

  1. Be careful when walking up and down the stairs. 

Be careful when walking, in general. Accidents can happen when the floor is smooth or slippery. If you are using the stairs all the time, do not run to avoid falling. In short, as much as possible, exercise caution to avoid accidents.  

  1. Eat right!

Consume healthy foods like meat, fruits, and vegetables for these can help you gain strength in doing all your everyday tasks. A good diet makes your body stronger and improves muscle strength and resilience. It conditions your body to be able to execute heavy workloads, and you won’t get as easily tired.

  1. Sleep well.

To prepare yourself every day mentally and physically, you have to get enough sleep. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Also, it will be better if you can get a nap in between breaks. Resting will recharge your body and mind. Visit this link to know more about ways to protect your back.

Our health is essential right now. Without proper care for it, surely all your daily tasks and commitments will be affected. Remember that a healthy body and mind don’t just help us perform better, but also brings us a positive outlook in life. 

Jeff Campbell

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