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Children’s rooms hardly ever stay the same. One minute, they are two and are all about cartoon characters on their walls. The next, they have developed an interest in science and want their walls covered in astronautical themes. Before you know it, they are over that stage and now want their favorite bands or influencers showcased on their walls. While it’s beautiful to watch this metamorphosis and be a part of it, there’s no denying that the constant changes can be tiring.

Moreover, they can hurt your finances if you always need a professional to make the changes happen. So, how do you balance between giving your child what they want and saving money? Is there an in-between? Sure, there is- temporary wallpaper.

Why Your Children’s Rooms Need Temporary Wallpaper

Changing wallpaper in the past was never an easy task. You know the drill- lots of wall prep, creating a paste and crossing your fingers that you had the dimensions and angles down to an art. Most people could not keep up with all this work and opted to hire professionals to do it for them. Of course, this came at a higher charge. So, imagine having finished all that work only to hear that your child wants a change a month later. That’s the beauty of temporary wall coverings. As the name implies, they are removable, and if your child tires of the design, they can peel off the art.

Moreover, removable wallpaper with a floral pattern is easy to install and does not require professional help. You can even make it a DIY tutorial for your kids and show them how to do it. That way, any time they want a change, they can peel off the wallpaper themselves and stick on the new ones. If removed correctly, the previous wallpaper can be used in the future for other rooms. Plus, you get so much variety with children’s wallpaper. What’s not to love about wallpapering children’s rooms?

Ideas for Your Child’s Room

Do you need some inspiration on how you can decorate your child’s room? Let’s explore some ideas:

Wallpapering the Whole Room

Remember when people would post pictures of their favorite stars on their walls and stare at them all night and day? That has not gone out of style. Children and teenagers still enjoy looking up and admiring their role models or getting lost in fantasy worlds. Rather than have them tear pages out from your favorite magazines, you can wallpaper their rooms with their favorite themes. Say, for example, that your child loves historical themes. You can get a wallpaper that features their favorite historical periods or one with their favorite people. It’s easy to do this with any other theme – cartoons, space travel, cuisines, nature, etc.

How can you ensure that the wallpaper will work?

First, you need to have your child on board with the wallpapering. Keep in mind that children can be into one thing today and the next; they are over it and want a change. So, ensure that they are into the idea rather than forcing one on them. Secondly, decide if you will use the wallpaper as an accent wall or all over the room. Of course, this will depend on what other elements are in the room. If you already have a focal point in the room, you can use subtle colors on one wall. Or you can use the subtle colors all over the room and add another focal point.

Wallpapering the Ceiling

Of all spaces in the room, the ceiling often takes the back burner. People think of how they will enhance the floors and walls to a great length and spend weeks agonizing over the options. But when it comes down to the ceilings, they add a few lighting options and consider the room complete. Is it, though? Hardly!

Take the example of nurseries. Babies spend a lot of time on their backs staring up at nothing. Sure, you may have included a few hanging toys in the crib, but this does not undo the fact that the ceiling is bare. Teens are not different. They spend time curled up on their beds, listening to music or streaming movies. Occasionally, they look up and then there’s nothing. That takes away from the room.

How about changing it and beautifying this fifth wall in your home? It’s as easy as choosing wallpaper that matches the décor in the room and sticking it up there!

Wallpapering the Bathroom

If you have teenagers in your home, you know that they tend to be a tad more conscious of how they look as they get older. It’s the many mornings spent trying to pop zits, or rehearse TikTok videos, or even get their hair perfect for an event. Whatever they are doing in the bathroom, it always seems to take longer than it should. But instead of pointing out something that will probably not change for years, how about making their experiences more enjoyable? How? By wallpapering their bathrooms!

You can impart a level of luxury to these spaces while also lending some personality to them. For example, if your child is always lost in books and loves to explore nature, you can adopt a botanical theme in the bathroom. Or you can go with subtle colors that enable you to play about with the fittings in the room. Besides, we all know that teenagers and children tend to damage things in ways that even they cannot explain. So, having this extra barrier between them and the walls will count in your favor once you start racking up the repair work.

Tip: If your kids have a shared bathroom, get ideas from each child on what they would like to see in the space. The more they enjoy it, the less likely they will yell at each other in the mornings over time spent in the room.

Whatever idea you implement, the goal is to create a space that your child can enjoy for a long time. Involving them in the decision-making and the implementation of the wallpaper is one way to secure this backing. Enjoy!

Jeff Campbell