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Choosing the Right Garage Door Service Company 

If your garage doors need repair, maintenance or replacement, it’s important to call in the professionals. A garage door service company will ensure that all of the work is done properly, but not all companies are created equal. How do you choose the right garage door repair company?

Evaluating Experience and Expertise in Garage Door Repairs

One of the first and most important things to consider when choosing a garage door repair company is experience and expertise. 

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Do they have experience performing the repairs you need?

Does the company have a gallery of past work or portfolio that you can view? Being able to see their past work will give you an idea of what to expect when they work on your home garage.

Evaluating a company’s experience is crucial, especially if you have a complicated repair. 

Reading Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Even if you need emergency garage door service, it’s important to take the time to read through customer reviews and testimonials to learn more about the experiences of other customers.

Reviews and testimonials will help you determine whether a company is reputable and experienced. 

Parse through reviews to see whether customers comment on:

  • Whether workers arrive on time
  • Affordability
  • Quality of the work
  • Professionalism

Pay close attention to customer complaints. What are they upset about? Are they overreacting, or is it a legitimate concern?

Comparing feedback from different companies will help you find the right company – one that will provide you with a positive experience.

Checking for Proper Licensing and Insurance

What do you know about the garage door service company? You should ask the company if they’re:

  • Licensed: Licensing ensures that the company has the skills necessary to meet industry standards.
  • Insured: If the garage door breaks during service or the company causes some other form of damage, it may result in you needing to seek legal action. Companies that have insurance will “make it right” faster and have a way for you to remedy the financial issues that you have with the garage door company.

Honest businesses will let you know if they’re licensed, bonded and insured. 

Comparing Quotes and Estimates for Services

Comparing garage doors service is recommended any time you need to service your garage door. You’ll want to do a few things:

  • Obtain quotes from at least 3 service providers, but up to 5 is even better
  • Review the pricing for each provider to determine if they are within your budget
  • Question why a provider has a very low or very high quote compared to others

Most homeowners want their garage door fixed the first time someone comes out to make a repair, and you may need to pay more for working with a reputable, trusted provider. On top of reviewing quotes, you will want to search prices online to see if the estimates are in the ballpark for the repair or not.

Sites like CostHelper can help you find national prices for common repairs to better judge if a quote is honest or if the provider is engaging in price gouging.

Ensuring Warranties and Guarantees for Peace of Mind

Emergencies cause many homeowners to rush to choose the first service provider who can make it to their home to make the repair. You must always inquire about the company’s:

  • Warranty period
  • Guarantee of service

You deserve peace of mind that the repair will be done to the highest standard and that the company backs its craftsmanship. If the company doesn’t correct the issue, the guarantee they offer should cover the additional cost of labor to make the repair.

Businesses should furnish this information to you willingly. If the company won’t tell you about their warranty or guarantee, it may be better to choose a different provider.

In Conclusion

Emergency garage door service is a necessity that no homeowner wants to deal with, but they may have to if they have a garage. Ideally, you’ll spend time before the door has issues finding a reputable, well-rated company that you can rely on to maintain and service your door.

If your routine garage door company offers emergency service, it’s an even better choice to choose them because they’ll already be familiar with your door model and style.

Jeff Campbell