Competition Does Not Have to Contradict Cooperation

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The competition was always considered to be good for the customer but not as good for the supplier. With a choice of suppliers to choose from, a customer could decide where they wanted to spend their money. To survive, suppliers would have to keep prices competitive and provide good customer service as well. With polskie sloty, you can take your time and enjoy it in the same way you can take your time choosing your supplier. 

Capitalists take the opinion that competition is good as it will push the companies forward, and each improvement will help to improve society as a whole.

It may be ideal as a holistic view, but the company owner struggling to beat the opposition may not agree.

The argument does work to a degree as not only will the current product be presented, but there will be advances. If there was no need to look for business, there might be many items that were not invented or improved.

If a fortune could be made from selling black and white televisions, why would anyone bother to invent colour? If people were happy with the normal colour TV, why go on to invent HD or 3D?

Positive Competition

Competition can be positive, as we can see. It will cause people to strive to be different and innovative in a way they may not have been before. Often when we hear someone has made a breakthrough, it is not entirely true.

Their name will be known, but someone else had done the work beforehand and will likely be forgotten? How well known is Carl Wilhelm Scheele, while everyone knows Joseph Priestly? 

If people had worked in collaboration rather than isolation, there might have been many breakthroughs earlier than there were. Also, how many things that are not yet invented could already be in use if researchers had joined together and shared ideas?

If there is too much competition, however, the market will have too many products and not enough people to buy. To get business, prices will have to drop, and often the item can be sold at a loss.

True Co-operation

When there is co-operation, there can be major advances.

In a way, it is easy to understand why a large company does not want to give away information and processes to a smaller company but is that always the right way to be? Survival of the fittest is fine while you are the fittest. Companies can live to regret ignoring what they considered to be a small fry in the market.

With no working history, if the small fry hit the big time, they could take down the former market leader.

Competition Helping Co-operation

Competition does not always have to contradict co-operation.

Two companies can have a healthy competition and yet work together to improve themselves and each other. Looking at a problem from different angles could help both to succeed. One side can recognize the problem that the other party was not aware of, and the other side can then find a solution. If they did not know there was a problem, this would not have happened.

Jeff Campbell