Concrete Stain Recommended Tools

Recommended Tool List all on Amazon Prime, 4 stars or higher

Before we dive into the steps, while some of the big things you’ll want to get at your local stain shop or hardware store, why not get the small stuff now via Amazon Prime and have it ready for your job? Here’s my complete recommended list of small tools and products to make your job go more smoothly:

  • Wonder Bar Pry Bar – Great for pulling up any old flooring
  • Dust mask/respirator – To avoid breathing in concrete dust from sanding and chemicals from staining
  • Safety Goggles – Essential for keeping dust, chemicals, and concrete particles out of your eyes
  • TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) – Essential for the proper cleaning & prepping of your floor
  • Long handled scrub brush – Also essential for scrubbing the floors as part of the prepping and cleaning process AND for spreading out the stain in a circular motion after spraying it on
  • Wet/dry vacuum – You will be scrubbing your floors with water & TSP. Make the cleanup go easy with the 4.5 star wet/dry vac which rolls on wheels for easy moving and has a long-handled vacuum hose and nozzle so you aren’t killing your back
  • A long handled scraper – Great if you have any excess paint or flooring adhesive on the concrete which must come up before you stain
  • Backpack plastic sprayer –  This is the same type of device you see people spraying bug spray with or lawn care products. You will use it to apply the stain multiple times and then later, also the sealer. The backpack model allows your hands to stay free and saves on back strain.