Crafting Company Culture: 5 Tips for Developing a Positive Business Environment

A positive business environment can provide desirable benefits for business owners, such as better staff retention, increased happiness, and higher productivity levels. Upon learning this, you might be eager to explore improvements sooner rather than later. 

However, developing a positive business environment isn’t always straightforward, and many business owners don’t know where to begin. Put yourself on the path to success by taking some of the following actions: 

Ensure Your Premises Is Fit for Purpose

Finding the perfect business premises can be tricky, especially when balancing price with practicality. You might also be new to investing in commercial property and need help navigating the intricacies of buying. However, staff happiness can depend on your premises being fit for purpose, so make office hunting your priority. 

Start by identifying your team’s needs, such as a kitchen, bathrooms, natural lighting, meeting rooms, and elevator access. You might then write down a list of ‘wants’ that are nice to have but not essential, such as staff parking and gym access. 

If you are the proud leader of a small team, consider getting their input when the time comes to start shopping for a new commercial property. While your employees might not have the final say, they can appreciate being part of the process. 

Prioritize Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have become important talking points in recent years. Employees are fighting for their right to be respected and valued for their individuality, and employers are exploring the benefits of maintaining a DEI culture. 

Diversity and inclusion are important for employees first and foremost, but they can also be advantageous for the average business owner. A more diverse and inclusive work environment can create a sense of belonging and connection, resulting in employees that work harder and smarter to produce high-quality work. 

Check in with Your Staff

Life as a business owner or manager can be busy. You can become so caught up in daily operations that you forget to check in with the people who make your business possible. If you’re trying to develop a positive business environment where your employees feel heard and valued, however, it’s crucial to make regular catch-ups a priority. 

Pay attention to workers who look particularly stressed or frustrated and ask questions to learn more. You might also like to create an open-door policy, ensuring your workers feel comfortable coming to you with queries and concerns. 

Create Comfortable Workstations

Trying to do your job when you don’t have everything you need can be frustrating. Even something as simple as an uncomfortable chair or a malfunctioning keyboard can limit productivity. 

While you might assume your employees will come to you if they have workstation-related questions, not everyone will. So, when you check in with employees, ask whether they have everything they need to do their job to a high standard. Be prepared to invest in things like safety equipment, ergonomic furniture, and appropriate technology. 

Provide Learning and Development Opportunities

Most employees want more than a steady paycheck. They want to feel like you value their work and loyalty enough to see them grow and enhance their skills. Valued employees are happy employees, so provide learning and development opportunities. They benefit by upskilling, and you benefit from a highly skilled workforce. 

Developing a positive business environment won’t happen overnight, but it can happen when you take the right actions. Provide a quality work environment, prioritize communication, and see the value in diversity and inclusion. It’ll only be a matter of time before you create an environment that benefits you and your team. 


Jeff Campbell