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Fashion Fun: DIY Clothes Projects to Do With Your Kids

Looking for some rainy day or snow day activities with your kids? Why not think outside the box of traditional art projects that pile up around your house and do some DIY clothes projects with them?

From clothes to accessories, there are a lot of simple projects that you can do even if you have no idea how to sew or make clothes.

Here are 5 projects to keep in your back pocket for the next day everyone in your house has cabin fever!

1. Tie-Dye

Flashback to your hippie days or summers spent at summer camp and bust out the supplies to tie-dye t-shirts! This could get a little messy, so keep that in mind.

Start with a plain white t-shirt (that is pre-washed) and use rubber bands to make different designs. You can do a spiral, a bullseye, or a crumple design.

To make this project easy on you, go ahead and order a tie-dye kit. It will have everything you need to pull this off.

2. Iron-On Patches

We’re flashing back again to the iron-on patches of the 80s. You can put these patches on anything—a t-shirt, jean jacket, backpack, or even a tote bag.

Instead, you can design and make your own patches even if you don’t know how to how to make a patch. You can contact Vivipins for any type of custom patches at cheap price.

Not sure how to iron on patches? It’s actually quite easy and requires no skill at all. Just make sure your patches have adhesive on the back and you have an iron handy. That’s all you need.

Custom patches are versatile tools for sewing projects and are used in a variety of ways. From adding personalization to garments to cover up stains or holes, patches are a creative way to reinforce the areas of garments that experience regular wear and tear. Customized patches add visual interest to fabric art projects readily available at 4incustompatch.

When using custom patches in sewing, it is important to choose a high-quality patch that is durable and easy to sew onto fabric. It is also crucial to select a suitable fabric for the patch to be attached to and to carefully plan out the placement of the patch before sewing to ensure a clean and professional look.

3. No-Sew Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves are great for you and your kids but they also make thoughtful and unique gifts! Like our other projects, these scarves are simple to make and don’t require any sewing skills at all!

All you need to make the scarf is:

  • 2 yards of fabric (anything that you like—cotton, jersey, flannel, fleece, etc.)
  • iron-on adhesive tape
  • iron
  • sharp scissors or rotary cutter

This is an easy and inexpensive project. You can make two scarves with two yards of material, so keep one for yourself and give one as a gift!

4. Multi-Strand T-Shirt Necklace

We all have some old t-shirts taking up space in our dresser drawers or closet that have seen better days. Instead of trashing these shirts, why not upcycle them into a t-shirt necklace?

Not only are they easy to make, but they also require virtually no crafting skills and take about 10 minutes to make. Quick, easy, and unique!

Grab a few of your old shirts and jump on Pinterest to figure out what kind of necklace you want to make. You can go simple or a bit more involved depending on what you’re looking for.

DIY Clothes Projects for Your Next Rainy Day

These DIY clothes projects are so inexpensive and easy, you can make all of them with your kids! The next time you’re looking for something to do, head to the craft store for a few supplies and then unleash your creativity!

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Jeff Campbell