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E-Scooter Commuting: How to Be Safe on The Road

Electric scooters are not just a fun ride for teenagers and kids. Adults have also adopted them as a way to commute to work. They have gained popularity in recent times as a transport service, both in rural and urban areas. Even though riding on a scooter can be a fun experience, it is also important that you keep safe. 

There is always the risk of falling or sustaining injuries on a scooter even though they are designed to be safe. Most injuries from scooters are usually a result of the rider’s inability to handle the e-scooters the right way. Here are some tips to help you stay safe during a scooter ride.

  1. Check Your Scooter Before Riding 

It is important that you check all the parts of the electric scooter before taking it out. Just as you would a car, you need to check the brake, accelerator, and lights to see that they are functioning properly. Also, ensure that the scooter tires are in good condition and that the stem latch is properly secured. You should also check the battery is fully charged and that its ports and rubber caps are closed. 

  1. Put On Your Safety Gear

When moving on your electric scooter, it is important to wear a helmet. Many riders neglect this, and some eventually sustain injuries. The helmet serves as protection when you fall. The wearing of helmets is made mandatory in most countries for e-scooter riders. Other protective gears you can get are gloves and elbow and knee support pads to protect you from a fall. It is recommended that e-scooter riders also get reflective jackets when riding at night.

  1. Obey Traffic Rules and Regulations for E-scooters

There are usually laws provided by states for e-scooters. While some places may not permit electric scooters in public, others may allow them.  Find out if it is permitted in your State or if you are only limited to ride within your personal property. Also, you need to check for the permitted speed limit as it varies from place to place. You must know the rules to avoid any penalties.

  1. Avoid Traveling On Risking Paths and Wet Season

Scooters are impossible to work with during the rainy season and on dangerous paths.  They are usually not designed for off-road movement, and you can end up damaging your scooter. Also, there is a high risk of accidents and injuries when you ride on a risky path or during bad weather.

  1. Always Carry Spare Batteries

If you own an electric scooter that comes with a switchable battery system, you need to carry spare batteries with you. This will come in handy when you forget to check your scooter’s battery before leaving your home. It also helps if your scooter is not fully charged. 


Even though electric scooters are great for commuting, you must always put safety first when riding them around your city. With these tips, you can prevent any rail accidents or injuries on your scooter. You can make a reminder list and practice it regularly to ensure it becomes part of your everyday routine.


Jeff Campbell