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7 Ways to Earn Money While You’re Studying

Student life is pretty thrilling, it’s the time when you’re young and free. There’s so much to do in this time frame but there’s one thing that refrains us from fulfilling all the wishes and that is the finance. Managing budget in the limited pocket money that a student gets, is difficult. Hereby, many of the students opt doing a part-time job along with studying.

There are various options on the list if you’re inquisitive about how to earn money while studying. Some students choose doing a job of their own domain such as doing paid assignments. There are a lot of forums that offer similar academic services such as Peachy essay, you can go through information available on such websites for a clear idea. In this article we’ve brought forward some great ideas of how you can manage to earn money along with studying.


If you have the skill to capture beautiful moments and scenic views through your lens, you can make photography your side profession in student life. It’ll benefit you alot, financially as well as in terms of learning. In today’s ‘selfie-derived-world’ people love TO BE captured and TO CAPTURE the unforgettable moments they experience. You can avail this chance and set up your own photography profile on various social media platforms so that people can contact you easily. You moreover just need to compile a presentable portfolio of the best shots you’ve captured until now and you’re done.

The best part about photography is, it never goes out of season. You can also join the media society of your academic institution for magazine photography and covering official events of the institute. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of landscape photography, you can sell your work online or give away rights to use your work at various platforms. That’s another way of getting a global recognition on your work. You can get all the gadgets for your photography business from

Freelance makeup artist

This one’s for the makeup freaks. Thanks to social media which has made it even easier to learn makeup as well as to teach it to other people. YouTube and Instagram has become a hub for beauty influencers. Practice makes a man perfect, practising various makeup looks on yourself makes you a pro. Later on, this self-taught talent can be used professionally even if you’re just a student. Infact it’s a pretty good option for earning a bunch while being a student. You can take clients from the references around you and later on expand your circle by fetching clientele through different social media forums. Exhibit your makeup skills on all kinds of digital media, since forums like Facebook; Instagram and YouTube pay once the engagement on your content is good.

Content writing

There are countless number of passionate writers out there who manage studies and side jobs perfectly. Content writing is one of the best and most popular ‘student’ profession. There are number of options you can explore if you’re a content writer, you can freelance in your free time or take projects or even do a part-time job while being a regular student. There are different types of content writing such as academic writing, blog writing, blog management for other people, marketing content, technical content writing or you could start your own blog on WordPress. All you need to do is, to explore your area of interest and start writing!

Social media management

There are alot of businesses, famous celebrities, brands and other merchandise which outsource their social media management to other people/companies for better outreach and just because they are too busy to manage it on their own. You can easily look for such opportunity, as it can easily fit in your academic schedule and mostly includes online work, which is manageable along with studies.

Graphic designing

Digital media is like an ever-expanding circle which will never become obsolete. Every business requires an online representation for successful merchandising. Website development and graphic designing hereby is one of another skill a student should learn at hand to earn while studying. There are a number of branches that come under graphic designing, you can pursue any one or even more of them at a single time. Graphic designing projects are well paid and keep your creative side alive. There’s a plus if you’re studying graphic designing and practicing it along too. Go for platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to reach better clientele

Food service and delivery

A little conventional but always a good idea to earn a little extra. Food service at various restaurants, cafes or even at your own street-food stall has always been a side job option for students. Food delivery is a little new in the market but yet a favourable occupation to earn an extra bit while being a student.

If you are restaurant owner and looking for food delivery app for your business you can contact codesorbit, a leading mobile app development company.

Other underrated ways to earn while being a student

A collective fiverr account, is another applicable idea. You along with your fellow batch mates can set up a fiverr profile and create multiple gigs. You’ll have a central space where you can offer multiple services and earn big. Offering multiple services at a single profile can help you get bigger projects and good payments to fulfil all the student life expenses.

Be your own boss, go for a YouTube channel or become a social media influencer. If you further want to unleash your creative side, open up your own brand such that of trendy yet comfy clothing. A small jewellery merchandise is perhaps also a good idea, create a comprehensive collection of compact jewellery pieces suitable to be worn to university/college, in order to attract your fellow age group.

The ending note

It’s difficult to manage budget in student life especially if you’re a hostelite. Being young, free and wild calls for lots of adventures which mostly require a good amount of money at hand, you can’t miss out all the fun just because you don’t have money. You can always go for an odd job and earn while being a student. There are some students who might also be struggling with their tuition fee hereby, it’s never a bad idea to earn and to study side by side.

Jeff Campbell