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Ways To Make Your Employees Feel Good

Contributed post by Samantha Garbett

Your employees are the cogs that keep the business turning.

From those in senior management to the receptionists who welcome in guests, every role is as important as the other. The happiness of your staff is vital because if it isn’t then it can hinder workplace productivity and this can have a direct effect on your business.

So what are some ways that you can make your employees happy in the workplace?

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews can feel a little daunting to the employee, and they may often think that these reviews are a way of spying on them.

However, performance reviews can be used not only for monitoring work progress but to develop that staff member and help them craft out a career path within the company. Yes, it’s an evaluation of the employee where it looks at both the good and the bad but it’s important to celebrate the positives and look at where improvements could be made.

These 10 tips for conducting a performance review is a handy guide if you need some help on how to use them in your own office. Work with the individual and discuss the options they have in regards to career progression, set goals and hopefully they’ll meet all their objectives once another performance review comes around.


Our jobs do take up a lot of our life so offering incentives to staff based on hitting targets or completing campaigns are going to hugely benefit both your business and your employees.

By offering something more than just the basics will only improve the chances of having a longer shelf life with staff and they’ll appreciate the extra lengths you’d be going to, to reward them for their efforts.

It’s the simple things like saying thank you and praising individuals that cost nothing but make a difference to the happiness of staff.

Promote Good Health

The health of your staff can be damaging to the company, especially when they’re off due to stress.

Everyone handles stress differently but the working environment should be a happy place, and therefore if someone is struggling, this should be addressed in the right way, with as much care and compassion as possible. A support system should be in place which allows staff members to come forward without fear of punishment.

Communication is key when it comes to managing staff in the workplace. Having a safe environment that welcomes discussion is going to help with raising morale and keeping your employees happy.

The Office Setting

Whether it’s a 9-5 job or you hire a bunch of freelancers, the office setting can be pretty dull if no consideration has gone into it.

This is a space where the business comes alive on a daily basis, and a windowless office with concrete grey walls and dingy lighting will do very little for anyone’s mood. Think about your office decor and adding a splash of colour here or there.

Have breakout rooms and facilities where colleagues can socialise in a work-free zone. Incorporate as much natural light as possible and bring the outdoors in, with flowers and plants. It might also be a good idea to have occasional staff meetings where individuals can make recommendations for the communal spaces.

Focus On Improving Work-Life Balance

A lot of us like to have an equal balance when it comes to work and life outside of work.

If there’s an opportunity for remote or flexible working, offer it to all staff where possible. In this current economic climate, there’s a demand that we should be working around the clock, but overworked employees will only damage your business more.

It’s more likely, that if your employee has a good work-life balance, they’ll work even harder because they feel like their position within the company is respected.

Encourage Social Connection And Individuality

In a society that we hope is becoming more accepting of diversity, it’s important to celebrate it within the workplace.

Encouraging social connection through work parties and events are a great way of staff forming closer relationships with each other, as well as with senior members of staff.

It’s also important to celebrate everyone’s individuality, so give employees the chance to contribute ideas to the company. Whether that’s an internal change in the office to a new idea for a service or product, welcome it. You’ll find that some individuals end up opening up more and new opportunities might form from suggestions they contribute.

Employees are vital to your business so should be one of the top priorities when managing the company.

Jeff Campbell