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Steps to Take if Your Family Was in a Car Accident

Car accidents are common. In the US alone there will be 6 million car accidents every single year. This amounts to 3 million deaths, or an average of 90 people every single day.

Statistics like these are frightening, especially for parents. It’s bad enough worrying about dying on your way to work or when you are out on a date with your partner—having life insurance is a very good idea just in case you, or both you and your partner, die prematurely—but what about when your kids are in the car? What can you do then to help them?

Car accidents are traumatic, and unfortunately, very common. If you and your family collectively get into a car accident you need to follow these steps in order to heal and move forward together.

Seek Full Compensation

As a parent, you likely drive as safely as possible, especially if your kids are in the vehicle with you. Unfortunately, all the safe driving in the world won’t help if a reckless driver hits you in a blind spot, or breaks the law and hits you on your broadside. There are so many instances where you may get into an accident by no fault of your own, and yet it is your children who pay for it.

There are a lot of costs that come with being in an accident.

The cost to repair or replace your vehicle is one of the least important. The cost of your health care, medication, physical therapy, psychotherapy, medical aids, loss of income, daycare, and of course, pain and suffering, all add up.

You can get compensation without legal help, but chances are the compensation you get won’t be enough.

Knowing what to do after a car accident is great, but unless that list also includes hiring a car accident or DUI lawyer, it is incomplete. Only with their help will you be able to get compensated for all the costs you incur because of the accident.

Without financial worries you can provide the best support to your children, who won’t be able to process or move on from the accident on their own.

Recover as a Family

With an attorney fighting for your full recovery you can invest in the best recovery program for you and your family. This means physical therapy to deal with any injuries, and any psychotherapy to deal with any mental scars.

1.    Physical Healing

If you were injured, then you will either want a chiropractor to help realign the spine (great for whiplash) chiropractic care for an auto injury can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility or you will need to go further with physical therapy, which can help your recovery from serious wounds or new disabilities.

2.    Mental Healing

Know the signs of trauma in both adults and in children so that you can keep an eye on your whole family. If your children are having trouble sleeping, are fearful, feel guilty, or seem to have emotionally regressed, then seeking out professional help is key to helping your child find a new sense of safety together as a family.

3.    Finding a New Normal

Find a new normal. For some, this might just be getting back in a car and learning to trust it again. For others, it will mean adjusting to a lifelong disability. A new normal can be found, and everyone can lead full lives after a car accident. Just be patient and keep working together as a family.

Jeff Campbell