Gambling Superstitions

Some people will do weird, sometimes horrifying things for some luck at casino games no deposit. People have been resorting to lucky charms and four-leaf clovers for many years to boost their luck. Below are some of the weirdest gambling superstitions that exist.

The Number 13

Western cultures’ superstitions surrounding the number 13 are very powerful and foreboding. This is because the number 13 is associated with bad luck and misfortune.

Other cultures have their unlucky picks. In China, for example, 4 is the unluckiest number, as when pronounced in Chinese, it sounds like the word death.

Don’t Walk Through the Front Door

Some superstitious gamblers will avoid walking through the front door of a casino. Often, they will use a side or back door instead of the main entrance to a physical casino building. The cause dates back to 1995 at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Casino entrance. A big lion surrounded the door, and many superstitious gamblers saw this as an omen and avoided getting into the casino.

Don’t Cross Your Legs

One of the strangest casino superstitions suggests that crossing your legs while playing is terrible luck. If you believe it, it can create a barrier between your body and the flow of good luck. Some gamers will even abandon their seats while playing slots, believing that standing shows the machine that you are ready to leave, even if it pays out.

Counting Money at the Table

Another popular gambling superstition is that you should never count your money or chips when playing. Counting your money before the game ends or immediately afterward is in bad taste. Not only is it insensitive to fellow gamblers who are down on losses, but also a part of a wider belief that pride comes before a fall. So, it is best to wait until you are outside the casino before totting up your night’s earnings. You are also more likely to hold on to your winnings that way.

Itchy Hands

Depending on where you come from, itchy hands mean that you are about to get some money, but others predict a loss. The belief that itchy hands bring good luck has its roots in ancient Africa and Native American folklore. However, in eastern Europe countries, it means downright bad luck.

Wear Red when Gambling

In China, red is the colour of luck. As if the red in the national flag is not enough, it is the predominant colour during the Chinese New Year. The tradition includes giving money in red envelopes.

You will find many Chinese gamblers wearing red for luck. If you don’t see them, they are most likely wearing red underwear because the colour is considered lucky.

Smoking Vulture Brains

This is one of the strangest gambling superstitions, with its origins in South Africa with osrs highest healing food. Local practitioners of traditional medicine and magic believe that the smoke of dried vulture brains gives gamblers visions of the future. The practice has a longstanding tradition as a blessing, and many gamblers and casino-goers have tried it hoping to see a bright future.

Jeff Campbell