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To Err is Human: Recurrent Reasons for Road Accidents and Their Ways Out

Unfortunately, accidents do happen daily on our public roads. However, investigative agencies on accidents often point fingers at human errors as the reasons behind such undesirable eventualities.

What’s important is following the government guidelines on road safety, as this gives you solid legal grounds against any party which involves you in an accident. Here are some main reasons behind road accidents and their probable solutions.


On every road, there are speed limits that every motorist needs to stick to. The main reason behind such regulations is ensuring that your driving is within your control as a driver.

While using the road, anything can happen and need your immediate reaction. It could be a sudden need to brake after another driver loses control.

At such moments, driving at a manageable speed gives you time to decelerate in time hence avoiding the accident. Other than this, a driver is often faced with a considerable challenge in controlling a vehicle moving at supersonic speeds, thus increasing the chances of accidents. Therefore, the solution is to stick to the traffic-approved driving speeds.

Driving While Intoxicated

Many accidents happen since the driver was driving while under the influence. This is why traffic officers check the status of drivers at the checkpoints to ascertain sobriety. As a motorist, you’ll find yourself making a lot of decisions before reaching your destination. Some of them are tight and need a clear mind.

An intoxicated driver will not have the capacity to make the proper driver’s decision hence likely to cause accidents. When you find yourself in an accident due to a driver’s, seek justice by filing a lawsuit.

If it’s a motorcycle that has hit you, for instance, it’s best to look for a specialized attorney in this field of personal injury, like a motorcycle accident lawyer.

And that motorcycle accident attorney will guide you through the lawsuit. Aim for competent professionals.

The solution for this is ensuring that you avoid drink-driving in any way. If possible, ask your sober friend to drive you home or avoid going anywhere at all.

Distracted Driving

While using the road, it’s necessary to have maximal concentration on the space ahead. A good driver needs to be aware of the surroundings at any given time. This ensures your safety and that of others. However, certain things can quickly shift your focus from the road, such as your mobile phone.

It could also be a crown near the road demonstrating or even eye-catching features around. The moment a driver shifts focus to other things, it increases the risks of an accident occurring.

This is why keeping your mobile phone in silent mode can be a good thing till you reach your destination. If it’s a call, you need to answer right away, spare a few moments and drive off the road.

Red Light Jumping

The traffic lights are there for a reason which is to ensure both pedestrians and motorists have equal chances of using the road.

At the crossing points, drivers need to be careful to follow the instructions well when they stop. Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry, you may easily overlook the traffic light, causing problems.

You could end up hitting pedestrians or even bumping into other vehicles. Such accidents are often fatal and are highly punishable by law. The best way to avoid red light jumping is always to be an observant driver. Even when there are no pedestrians and the light says “stop,” follow that.

There are different causes of accidents that are caused by human errors. Some of these reasons are exceeding speed limits, driving while intoxicated, and distracted driving. When you get involved in an accident, you’re not the cause; seek guidance from a personal injury lawyer.



Jeff Campbell