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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Solar Shades for Your Porch This Summer

Although winter is lingering with surprising determination, summer is not far away. So, it is time to revive your outdoor spaces; deck them up in a brand-new look to welcome summer in style.

Your porch will be your first stop in your life outdoors. When unpredictable spring comes up with sudden chills and surprise rains, you can easily retreat into the porch to enjoy whatever is left of your outdoor picnic. Even at sundown, your porch can be a perfect place to sit down with a cup of coffee to catch the last rays of the sun disappearing over the horizon.

Decorating your porch this summer is going to be more fun than ever. Working from home has given you a bit of extra bit of time which can be utilized in brushing up the porch that has weathered the worst of the winter. You don’t have to do it in one go. Just one baby step at a time and you will have a gorgeous new porch within weeks.

Give it a Good Clean

First things first! Winter rain, sleet, and snow leave a lot of marks, not only on the porch but also on the glass. Roll up you sleeves and get ready to clean some real dirt. Give the floor, walls, and roofs a good scrub. Wipe clean the glasses as well as the window sill. It will be hard work, but the sight of sparkling floors and walls would make it all worth it. Even if they are commercial trash receptacles, you need to keep them clean, as commercial outdoor trash receptacles can impact the curb appeal of the property.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint is a great way to breathe a new life to your porch. Even when you paint a single wall, the effect is beautiful. A newly painted wall can become a perfect backdrop to showcase your beautiful garden accessories or wall art. You can also paint the flowerpots or wicker chairs to give your porch a new look.

Add Natural Green

There is nothing more rejuvenating that natural green. Use potted plants to increase the earthen appeal of your porch. Plants add vitality and a new energy to any space and porch is not an exception. The combination of fresh air and floral scents would easily turn your porch into the most popular place in the house.

Make it Comfortable

Making the porch comfortable is another important aspect you need to consider.

You can select a small area to convert it into a small sitting arrangement. Select your furniture according to your space and make them as comfortable as possible. Add colorful cushions and lights to make the whole space more inviting and cozy.

However, there is another vital factor to consider; weather elements. As you might have noticed already, porch receives more than their fair share of light, heat, and rain. The changing moods of the weather also have a direct effect on the porch. Rain and sunlight have a lasting impact on the furniture, while the heat and chill make it very uncomfortable for the occupants.

There are many ways in which you can reduce the impact of the weather on the porch. The first blind that comes to mind are solar blinds. Let’s look at the reasons why solar blinds are the best choice for your porch this summer.

What are Solar Blinds?

Solar blinds are designed from materials that are designed to block the sun. They block out mush of the harmful rays that fall on them, while keeping the space lighted in a muted glow. These outdoor blinds come with some excellent features which makes them a must have for outdoor spaces like the porch. Let’s see how.

Why are Solar Blinds the best Choice for your Porch?

Blocking UV Rays: We all know how harmful UV rays are. However, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the UV exposure we sustain in the shade. Even when the porch is covered, sunlight and UV rays are still reaching us and causing harm. The furniture and paint also suffered greatly form UV-ray exposure. Solar shades are purposefully built to block UV rays. Depending on the solar shades openness, you will be able to enjoy protection from harmful UV rays. This feature allows the space to remain cool and comfortable even in the height of summer, without worrying about prolonged exposure to the sun.

Durable: Made from durable materials, these blinds can withstand rough weather conditions. You can also anchor these shades, which provides adequate protection against slight to moderate winds. Now you can sit down with a book and not have the wind turn the pages. Also, imagine having a candle light dinner in the porch and the slight wind not getting in the way!

Retaining the View: One thing that you would love to enjoy in the summer is the view. Whether it is the view of a beautiful garden, serene beaches, or just a busy street, you would still want to make the most of it when on the porch. Solar shades would allow you to do just that without the sun or the heat get in the way. While the material of the solar shades protects the porch from UV rays, you can enjoy the beautiful view outside.

Preserving Privacy: Although you get the view, your porch remains shielded from outside. You can see out, but no one can see in during the day. You can enjoy the porch without a worry about privacy. The story, however, changes at night. The outside view becomes blocked with the interior becomes viewable when the lights are turned on in the porch.

With these fantastic solar shades, your porch becomes a useful extension of floorspace that can be properly utilized even in adverse weather conditions. Make most of your porch this summer and enjoy your outdoor experience in style and comfort.


Jeff Campbell