Unique & Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

People love to keep a secret or to be surprised by fortune. It builds excitement and makes your life a little bit more mysterious. This is one of the reasons many parents these days choose not to know the gender of their baby before birth. This means that they get to avoid the sea of pink or blue stuff coming their way, and they can focus on the baby’s real needs rather than who it is going to be, a boy or a girl.

However, when it comes to baby showers, this situation can be a bit of a problem for the guests that want to bring something special for the baby.

We use so many stereotypes in the way we think, and it is hard to come up with ideas that are gender-neutral.

Before we start answering your questions, let’s remind you that whatever you are going to buy, you need to put quality and safety above looks. Shop for your present with trusted online shops, like Parent Center Network, and make sure the present you purchased will really help parents to be.

Now, without further ado, let’s talk about some gender neutral baby shower gift ideas.

A teddy bear

Every little child needs a fluffy teddy bear for hugs and to play with.

You must remember your very first one. So what you need to do now is to look for a soft, around 10-inch teddy bear that is perfectly snuggly. Make sure it comes with a neutral-colored bow and is suitable for newborns as well. Teddy bear is an iconic gift for a baby that is generally a gender-neutral piece.

Silicone training cups

When choosing a baby shower gift, pay attention not only to the quality but also to the product’s usability. It is nice to choose a gift that will facilitate the child-caring process, such as towels, clean napkins, dishes, etc. For example, silicone training cups can be considered a very unique and different gift. These cups are used from the age of 6 months and help the child learn to swallow and switch to regular cups. When using the cup, water does not spill on the baby. This factor facilitates mothers’ work during feeding. The gift will make mothers happy, and you will be glad that you were able to make the right choice.

Unisex Fleece Booties

A very practical gift that all future mothers will absolutely adore.

Putting shoes on a small baby that is constantly on the move is no easy task. That is why young parents, after a while, give up on baby shoes. Shoes for small kids simply look cute, but are hard to put on, babies pull them right off, and they have virtually no function. However, fleece booties are here to save a parent’s day.

They come in tons of colors, keep baby’s feet warm, and, most importantly, they slip right on and are harder for babies to take off.

A set of swaddle blankets

Babies are adorable, most of the time.

They can also be highly mischievous sometimes. They really do know exactly when you are unprepared, and that is their favorite time to spit or burp. Needless to say that every baby needs a few blankets to keep them warm and clean. And yes, you do need more than one because of the reasons mentioned already.

Online baby boutiques like the Unique Baby Store have many available colors and patterns when it comes to blankets, so you will, for sure, find some gender-neutral blankets.

The fantastic idea is to choose a design that you know the mum would love, and the baby won’t probably remember the blanket anyway, right?


It is finally time to take care of baby development. Every baby can find something to be mesmerized with on a fun and well-designed playmat.

It is a fantastic idea for a present as it can buy a parent a few minutes to prepare a bottle of milk or to sit once a day for longer than a minute. A playmat is not only there to keep a baby occupied but also to help with child development, as there are many educational variants that can help a baby explore new things.

Buying such a gift is a win-win situation for the parents to be.

Elbow and knee protection

A bit unique proposition, but it could be a life-changer for the parents.

As funny as it sounds, a parent needs to get down to the level of a newborn baby most of the day for quite some time. This means a lot of squads, kneeling and leaning on your elbows.

It is a good workout, but it is also tiring and sometimes even painful. Thankfully, there is a product out there that can help solve this problem. It is a parent bath kneeler and elbow rest set that minimizes the damage that is being done to a parent’s joints during an everyday bath.

If you decide to purchase it, you will for sure get a thank you message later from the young parents.

Shopping for gender-neutral gifts tends to be more creative than just buying ready pink or blue gift sets. It is a challenge, but it also makes you come up with the most clever ideas and life-saving products out there. You can pick an idea from this list, but you can also let your imagination do the work for you.

Baby showers are exciting events, and you are about to grace some parents to be with a gorgeous gift. Well done to you.

Jeff Campbell

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