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A Gift Guide for Men: Nurturing Relationships Through Thoughtful Gifts


Before we can get to the actual gift ideas, men must first understand the psychology behind gift-giving. For most men, they give gifts to their partners because it’s what everybody does. They give gifts because they don’t want them to feel bad. The effort it takes for them sometimes to choose the right gift is too much that they fear the thought of doing it the next year again.

Studies showed that the motivation for giving gifts varied by gender. For men, they give gifts because they want something in exchange. Usually, these are sexual favors. For women, they want to receive and give romantic gifts for symbolic and emotional reasons.

But over time, the gift-giving process will become more of an emotional exchange than something that couples just need to do. As the relationship grows, men will also see the value of giving thoughtful gifts to their partners. The activity becomes a way to mark special occasions and events, show affection, or even apologize for a mistake.

Couples need to be careful, however, with gift-giving. It can have a positive or negative effect on a relationship. Too much gift-giving can raise tensions when the other partner isn’t able to keep up. Gift-giving needs to be moderate and balanced to make the giver and receiver feel good.

Before the Change in Season

One of the best times to give a gift to your partner is before the season changes.

As winter approaches and you make plans to go on a ski trip, why not look for an Obermeyer women’s jacket on sale? Women sometimes would just put on the ski jacket from last season because this isn’t something they spend much money on. It’s a seasonal piece of clothing that gets stuck at the back of the cabinet after a ski trip.

But make the trip more special by giving her exactly what she wouldn’t think of buying for herself.

It’s a thoughtful gift. It shows that you thought of what will make her feel comfortable during your trip. And it’s something that she can use time and again throughout the season. And when she does, she’ll think about what a nice gesture you did for her.

Pamper Her

Most men find it hard to think of a material gift for the women in their lives.

Sometimes, it’s looking you straight in the eyes. Women take care of the house and so many other different things. They need a break. That’s what you can give her. Drop by the spa or salon and get a gift certificate for your wife or girlfriend. No woman would ever say no to a two-hour body spa and massage.

That’s the kind of thing that relaxes them and puts them in a good mood. You can never go wrong with a weekend spa trip, too.

Take Care of Her Well-being

Listen to her. Take care of her when she’s sick.

Give her the space she wants when she feels overwhelmed because of the household. Take the kids to the park and let her take a long luxurious bubble bath. For women, it’s the simplest thing. It takes effort to take care of your partner, yes, but the rewards are worth it. You and the kids will go home to a happier wife/mom.

During the time that you were in the park, she probably even made a nice dinner for you all.

Remember Special Occasions

There’s no reason for men not to remember special occasions.

You have a smartphone in your hands. Use it to store important dates in your relationship-anniversaries, first dates, birthdays, and what-not. Make an effort to greet her to commemorate the day she agreed to go on a date with you. Or, simply remember that time she went to the movies with you. Women always felt taken for granted by the men in their lives.

But by simply remembering such special occasions, she will feel a lot more valued.

Ask Her Out on Dates

You don’t need to buy her gifts all the time.

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones you can do together. Ask her out on a date. Whether it’s a picnic in your backyard or a drive-in cinema, make her feel that you want to spend time with her. Call the babysitter in advance so you’ll have someone for the kids, and she can’t say no to you.

And don’t make her feel that you’re doing this for her. Show her that you want to be with her, too.

When it comes to giving gifts, understanding the mentality and emotions of your partner is the first step to determining what she wants.

Try to find the right balance between giving her a luxurious gift on her birthday and giving her a spa weekend treat when you know she’s been dead-tired from working all week. Because when it comes to women and how fickle their minds can sometimes be, gift-giving is a work of art.

Jeff Campbell