Guest Blog for Middle Class Dad!

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If you’re a writer looking to write a post for my site, just know I do accept guest posts.

Here’s what I’m looking for in posts:

  1. They need to fit one of my categories: Parenting, Marriage/Relationships, Personal Finance or something related to work or home DIY.
  2. The post needs to be a minimum of about 800 words
  3. The post needs to be original content – not previously posted on any website
  4. You cannot also publish the post on your site (linking to it is fine and sharing socially is fine, but we’d both get in trouble with Google for having the same post on 2 different websites)
  5. Great content – While you would be credited as the writer of the post and I would include a bio and link to your site and/or social pages, I would not want your guest post to be sales-y or pushing your affiliate links. The post’s primary goal should be to help my viewers
  6. Your bio should be 200 words max and can include a headshot or logo pic of your brand.
  7. I reserve the right to edit the post as I see fit and format it to my liking – but will give you the final review approval
  8. Until I see your written post I cannot guarantee I will use it
  9. The post should be submitted in a word document or PDF file
  10. I would want you to share the post at least once on all social channels you use
  11. Share me now – It doesn’t hurt to show me you’re serious by sharing some of my existing posts now on your social channels and following me on all my social channels.
  12. Repeat posts – If the post does well, I’m happy to accept future posts under the same conditions, but no more than 2 per month to start with

Ready to go?  Send me an email with your attached post or ask additional questions.