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How Much Do Baby Models Make A Year?

No need to say, that for the majority of parents their baby is the most attractive child in the world. Looking at the photogenic smile and tons of cute photos on the phone, some parents are wondering: how to get my baby into modeling and earn money? Naturally, you want a big future for your little one, but remember that modeling isn’t just smiling. If you are planning to get involved in the baby modeling business, learn the pros and cons to make this experience successful.

What are the Rates of Baby Modeling?

First of all, you must understand whether it is worth starting this enterprise at all. It is possible that the earnings from photographs of your child will not pay off the preparation and hours of waiting.

As a rule, rates for a photo session start from $25 per hour, and depending on the complexity of the shooting, they can reach $75, and sometimes $125. However, only the time of the child’s active participation in the photo session will be paid. In addition, it should be remembered that babies usually work no more than two hours at a time and, on average, can only get two or three jobs a month.

So, before you send your baby’s photos to the agency, for example,, and count your year’s income from your child’s modeling consider:

  • you will have to pay the agency a commission of 20-25%;
  • it is unlikely that you will be compensated for the waiting and traveling time;
  • shooting frequency and rates are highly dependent on the project and a brand’s budget.

What to Consider Before Signing Your Baby Up for Modeling?

Unfortunately, professional photo shoots don’t go the way you imagine: some takes, lots of laughs, and cute shots at the end. Before putting your baby into such project be sure you and your child can make it in the world of modeling:

  1. The child must be sociable and respond positively to strangers and the camera.
  2. You must have enough time and flexibility to stick to the shooting schedule.
  3. Be open to some challenges that could come along with modeling.
Jeff Campbell