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How To Choose A Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are popular among bikers as it promises to both act as a road bike and a medium mountain bike. So no matter whether you ride on the flat terrains of roads or go on a ride on mountains you can take this single bike of yours anywhere. However, if you are doing heavy-duty bike riding on mountains then you need a bike that is particularly designed for heavy mountain trail riding. For an amateur, a hybrid bike could be a good start. 

Why is it a hybrid bike? Well, we get to see features from both a normal road bike and a hybrid bike. You will find a flat handlebar which is found in a mountain bike. This also implies the shifting and braking options are also similar to a mountain bike. Though a hybrid bike is not super speedy as a heavy-duty mountain bike, your posture will be upright while riding and it will allow more comfort and safety. Hybrid bikes also have tires that are large in volume. 

So if you are considering buying a hybrid bike, then stay with us as we will discuss How to choose a hybrid bikeLet’s get started then!

Hybrid bike: How to choose the perfect one

When we will be searching for a hybrid bike we should be looking for the bike features, components, and fit of the bike to our task. So the two main important things we need to check out are the

  • Features and components. This includes gears, brakes, suspension, wheel size, racks, and fenders. 
  • How fit it is to your task. It is essential and you should decide on a bike according to your need, whether you are going to ride it on a road trip or take it to the mountains, how heavy it is for mountain riding etc. 

Features of a hybrid bike 

According to Schwinn hybrid bicycle reviews, you need to carefully think about what activities you will do riding the bike. Is it for commuting inside the city or road trip or riding on paved paths, or smooth streets, or cruising on gravel and pavement mixed roads or for a workout or taking it to the rough trails?

  • Gears

You need to decide whether you are keeping the gear simple or complex for intricate rides. Gears come within the range of one to 27 and more. If you decide to put many combinations with multiple cogs and chainrings it may become complex, which is okay, if you are a pro. But for beginners, it is always recommended to choose simple gear. 

Again, comes the part where you need to decide the gears based on what terrain you will be riding the bike onto. So if you want it to ride on mountain trails, you need more gears. Again, if you are one of the pro cyclists but are only riding on a flat surface then you can avoid having many gears and this will also help you to keep the bike light as possible. 

Once again, there are hybrid bikes that have only one speed also known as single speed bikes and have a freewheel mechanism. This allows you to ride just like the standard bike with multiple gears. 

  • The Wheel Size

The usual or standard wheel size of a hybrid bike is 700c. You do not have to worry about it because this size lets you ride comfortably on multiple types of terrain. The tires are again wider than a usual road bike. 

If you need to purchase new hybrid bike tyres, make sure they fit the frame of your bike.

  • Frame Materials of the bike

This is again an important factor when you are selecting a bike for yourself. Most of the bikes are made from aluminum, some bikes have steel or carbon fiber bodies. All the materials mentioned have their pros and cons. So you need to decide the material based on your priorities and tasks.

Aluminum Steel Carbon fiber
  • Lightweight
  • Strong body
  • Rigid body
  • Affordable
  • Sometimes it can be harsh on unsmooth roads
  • The improved versions have better shock absorption quality 
  • Heavier body
  • Strong body
  • Better flex
  • Offers smooth ride
  • Comfortable ride
  • Lightweight compared to aluminum
  • Expensive compared to both aluminum and steel. 
  • Mostly incorporated on high-end bikes.
  • Many bike manufacturers make carbon fiber forks or seat posts instead of making the whole body with it. 
  • Suspension of the bike

There are two possible types. One with no suspension, and the other one is with front suspension. In no suspension hybrid bikes, you will experience the bike being lightweight. If you are riding on paved paths or smooth roads, you may not need a suspension at all. 

Now, with front suspension forks, your bike will effortlessly absorb the bumps and impacts on the front wheels. This means you will get a smooth ride on rough surfaces. 

  • Brake and types

The type of brake is again crucial and depends upon the rides you will be doing with your bike. So what are some available options for brakes in the hybrid bike? Let’s learn!

Two main types of brakes 
Rim Brakes Disc brakes
  • It mainly features pads that hold onto the rims of the wheels 
  • It mainly features brake pads that hold onto the brake rotor which is mounted onto the wheel hub. 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes: This helps more stronger and progressive breaks without putting too much effort on the fingers. Can self-adjust the wear of brake pads. 
  • Mechanical disc brakes: In mechanical disc brakes the brake pads require manual adjusting. 
  • Cheaper and more economical than disc brakes. 
  • The wear of brake pads can easily be observed. 
  • You can easily replace the worn brake pads. 
  • The brakes are more consistent in different types of conditions.
  • The replacing of a worn out rotor is comparatively cheaper than an entire wheel.  
  • On steep and west surfaces the performance is superior. 
  • You will feel less strain on fingers. 
  • Since it wears out the wheel rim gradually, the entire wheel needs to be replaced. 
  • The stopping power is comparatively less. 
  • Not very effective on muddy or wet terrains. 
  • Needs more finger effort when you want to brake suddenly or aggressively. 
  • The inspection of the wearing of the pad is complex. 
  • Expensive service especially the hydraulic brakes 
  • The shape of the handlebar 

Why is it important? Well, it helps you decide the posture and comfort on the bike while you ride. Here, you need to look for the height level of handlebars and the level of the bike seat. In general, the more your seat is below the handlebars, you will experience more comfort. Seats that are higher than handlebars allow rides that are more aerodynamic, speedy which is suitable for racing bike types. We will discuss 4 important and basic types here. 

Drop bar: Mostly suitable for road bikes. If you want more speed then you should opt for it. It also allows for a more aerodynamic position. Again, it is lightweight. However, if you do not want to hunch and put a strain on your back, you may avoid this type. 

Flat bar: this is a very common type of bar on hybrid bikes, though heavier than drop bars. However, they will let you sit in a relaxed position which can eventually lessen the accidents. It also helps reduce the pressure on your hands, shoulders, and wrists.

Rise bar: this is again a common type of bar in hybrid bikes. The rise bars allow the riders to sit further back with an upright position. In this position, the rider can easily track the trails ahead while having good control over the riding. 

Moustache bar: These types of bars are quite similar to drop bars, however, with little drop. You can find various hand positions on this type of bar while sitting upright. 

Select the best fit for you

Your bike must fit with your purpose, no matter what type of hybrid bike you buy. Look for a frame size that best fits your size. You can ask for charts or the salesperson for better recommendations on frame size based on your height. Also, before making a final purchase, you may do a test drive. 

Final thoughts!

We have tried to cover all the important steps on How to choose a hybrid bike. Always remember to prioritize your riding purpose. If you are clear on what type of terrain you will be riding you can easily choose the most suitable bike for your rides. The points we mentioned are some of the major factors to look for when buying a hybrid bike. Hopefully, they will help you in deciding the hybrid bike which best suits you and your purposes. 

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Jeff Campbell