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How to Choose the Right LED Tube Lights 


Are you thinking of replacing the existing tube lights of your premises with LED tube lights? Are you finding it hard to choose the right LED tube lights?

Led tube lights are gaining importance because of giving you the same amount of light as a traditional fluorescent tube by consuming very little power.

If you are considering buying LED tube lights for your business premises, you’d be able to save on your energy costs. This would make a huge difference in your business profit. You’d be able to cut the electricity cost simply by replacing the traditional tube lights with LED tube lights.

LED tube lights-A versatile lighting solution. 

LED tube lights are suitable for different working environments. They are available in a wide range of modern and sleek designs. The LED tube lights are available in different sizes. 

 If you are looking for an LED tube light for a wider and open area, you should consider buying a big tube light.

There are different LED tube lights available for residential and commercial purposes. A lot of homeowners who want to add a modern touch to their homes also buy LED tube lights.

LED tube lights are ideal for hallways, car parks, kitchens, bathrooms. These tubes are a versatile solution for high-traffic areas.

A small size LED tubes are suitable for lighting under the worktops, cabinets, tabletops, and freestanding furniture.

Nowadays, a huge number of small businesses, commercial areas, and residential premises are installing LED tube lights because of their longer lifespan and low running cost.

LED tube lights come with a high level of efficiency without impacting the environment. If you are concerned about using LED tube lights.

Difference between T5, T8, T12.

LED tube lights are available in different shapes and tube lengths. These tubes come in different lamp sizes. The lamp sizes are available in standard sizes that are T5, T8, T12.

If you don’t know what these sizes mean, the difference is in their lamp sizes. If the T rating is higher, the diameter of the lamp is thick.

Compared to T5, T8 has a larger diameter. T8 LED tube lights fixture are commonly used in residential and commercial premises. These tubes are ideal for ceilings with a standard size. If you are in search of a high-quality, cost-effective, and energy-efficient replacement for conventional tube lights, you should consider buying the T8 LED tube light fixture. 

The best thing about the T 8 LED tube light is that it does not require any maintenance. The tube light stands the test of time and remains effective and bright for a longer period. 

Tubes with small diameters produce more light. A T 5 tube light is more efficient than T8. 

It is always good to check the lumens of the tube lights when you are choosing LED tube lights for your premises. 

Moreover, you should consider keeping the color temperature in mind. The light color temperature lies between 2400 to 6500k, The LED tube light with 6000k color temperature produces blue light. 

Fitting an LED tube light 

LED tube lights are getting quite popular these days. Many people are replacing their existing tube lights with LED tube lights. 

Led tube lights come with a modern touch and efficient technology. If you already have a fluorescent tube light and you want to replace it with an LED tube light, fitting the LED tube light is quite straightforward. 

You don’t even require a ballast. The ballast is the starter of the tube light which provides it the current. If the fluorescent tube light has an age-old ballast, then you might need to replace it. However, if the ballast is slightly new, there is no need to do that. 

You have to make sure that the LED tube light you fix is not flickering or buzzing. Hence, you have to check the ballast while installing the Led tube light to the fluorescent fixture. 

Can you replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes? 

If you already have a fluorescent fixture, you can replace it with LED tubes by getting bulbs or hybrid LED tubes. You do not require to do any kind of rewiring to replace your traditional fluorescent tubes with LED tube lights. 

Getting the plug-and-play tube light is the best option if you are not able to get hybrid LED tubes to replace the existing fluorescent tubes. 

Can a T8 replace a T12 tube light? 

While replacing the tube lights, many people wonder whether a T8 tube light can replace a T12 tube light? Because the bulb size of both the tubes is the same, you can replace the existing T8 with T12 or T12 with T8. 


If you haven’t already considered purchasing LED tube lights, you should give it a thought. LED tube lights are superior quality lighting sources that come with amazing brightness and operate with less power.

You can check out the various options of LED tube lights available on the internet. They are environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful chemicals and an excess amount of heat.

If you want to purchase the right LED tube lights for your premises you should check out the different options available on Lepro. The company has an entire range of collections from different brands that are affordable. Lepro gives you a glitch-free online shopping experience. You can get the tube lights from the brand you desire at your doorstep. You can check out the different varieties of tubes before making your purchase decision. type A LED tube lights are extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective. 


Jeff Campbell