How to Fax From an iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch)?

Continuous development is one of the most striking features of our modernity. The era of high technology has opened the doors to a new world, offering many opportunities for every user. The field of communication is no exception.

Using various iOS devices, you can always and everywhere contact a person from any place on the planet. At the same time, it is possible to take advantage of many other functions, including faxing. However, it is necessary to consider several details when choosing a product to download. We have collected the best apps to fax from iphone, especially for you.

A Few More Introductory Words

Before our eyes, a communication explosion is taking place, quite comparable in scale and consequences to what was caused by the advent of the first personal computers. A simple and effective device called a modem, which combines the potential of two of the greatest inventions of mankind, the telephone and the personal computer, gives everyone access to incredible amounts of information and endows the modest personal computer with truly fantastic capabilities.

Universal computer literacy, which we dreamed of recently, is now more or less a fait accompli. There is no doubt that telecommunications literacy is no less needed now. It is unthinkable to keep up with the civilized world without the latter in any of the following areas:

  • business;
  • the science;
  • education;
  • and many others.

Various gadgets make it easier to complete many items on your to-do list by making it shorter. Today the absence of an iPhone or any other device is comparable to the printer. Information is a resource without which business, managerial, and any social activity is impossible. The most significant organizational form of information presentation is a document. The widespread use of electronic documents with traditional paper documents poses several problems of a different nature.

However, it also brought a lot of new features. All you need is your device to fax from iPhone or many other tasks. Find the Fax app that suits you best and save time and energy. But do not neglect a thorough analysis of each product with the conscientiousness of the developer.

We decided to help make your task easier by narrowing down the choice to one of several apps to fax from iphone. Rather check them out.

Diversity of Applications for Faxing From iOS Device

FAX from iPhone

Downloading this app is available only for owners of iOS devices, allowing citizens of almost 100 countries to fax. The latter offers a spectrum of other features, including tracking the path of your files after sending, regardless of time or location. Another highlight is the ability to upload documents of any format and/or import them from any storage. Installing this application is free while the starting price for in-app purchases is $10.

Fax Burner

This fax app has won fans around the world thanks to the many features it offers. It does not matter if you have an iPad or any other iOS device. You can also leave your signature on any document without the need to print it first. Affordable prices and importing files from any repositories are a little different are just some of the features.

Tiny Fax

For almost ten years of existence, this application has managed to find millions of fans from all over the world. Downloading this, you will be able to fax any file format. Besides receiving and sending various documents, there are plenty of different possibilities. Track files, edit them, and use other functions. This will allow you to control all stages of the process.

At the same time, lightning speed will allow you to save time for other things. Representatives of this product made the performance of various tasks as comfortable as possible to set affordable prices for the use of extra services.


The following application has long proved its safety and reliability. At the same time, it also does not require much time and effort to understand the modus operandi. You can send documents to the desired country at any time. One of the most striking features is pre-scheduled faxing. Its developers consider the safety of users as a top priority, providing sufficient data protection. Other highlights are sending from your email, scanning with the camera of your iPhone, and so on. It is also very easy to use, unless you have a slow iPad.


The next one in our list of applications for faxing has earned its popularity no less than the others. The core of this work is reliability and speed. A lot of positive reviews on different sites confirm the latter, noting the responsiveness of the support service, whose representatives are ready to solve your problem at any time.

Thanks to the above, you can be sure that sending or receiving fax will be successful. In addition, there are also many offers here, including attaching files from your storage or mail, a variety of formats, sending using only the cameras of your iOS devices, and more.

Final Thoughts

Every day, a spectrum of high technology makes our lives better by eliminating the many small responsibilities required to complete one task. Today it has become possible to send the necessary files to any corner of the world. All you need to do is install the iOS fax app on your device. Plenty of possible options may confuse you, but a thorough examination of the features of each will help you make the right choice.



Jeff Campbell