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How To Rekindle Passion In Your Relationship

Relationships thrive on physical and emotional intimacy with your partner. Passion plays a crucial role in the mix as it makes you stick to the person you love. It pulls you towards them and makes you want them all the time. But things can change down the line if you let the feeling fade. There are chances of drifting apart even in the best relationships. However, you can save the bond by making conscious efforts to rekindle the spark. Everything boils down to discovering the passion and attraction again. Here are some therapist-backed ideas that can help.

Prioritize each other

Most couples falter because they let other things take the front seat. It is easy to reach a comfort zone after being with a person for a long time. Family and work come on top of your priority list. But you must make efforts to prioritize each other to get a hold of your relationship again. Manage other things, but find time for each other. Make sure it is quality time for you as a couple, not as a family.

Invest in physical touch

Passion is a physical emotion that drives you toward your partner. It fades when you fail to invest in physical touch and intimacy. Regaining intimacy is perhaps the easiest way to rekindle the spark. Steal a kiss, give them a small squeeze on the hip, or hold hands while you watch a movie together. You will surely want more once you start making conscious efforts to get the intimacy back in your relationship.

Explore each other in bed

Physical touch gives you a good start with passion. However, everything boils down to the time you are together in bed. Things are steamy for couples when they come together, but they lose pace over the years. Rediscovering passion is about exploring each other’s bodies again. Think outside the box like trying a sucking vibrator to turn her on or giving him a massage to set the mood. A little effort takes you a long way with getting the heat back.

Have passionate conversations

Most couples end up discussing family budgets, work, and education after a few years of being together. Missing out on passionate conversations can hit the relationship hard. It is easy to get things on track with a little effort. Keep run-of-the-mill topics outside the bedroom. You can even send across kinky texts to each other throughout the day. Even better, surprise them with erotic notes under their pillow or in their car.

Compliment your partner

Retaining attraction in relationships is easy if you are verbal about your feelings. Appreciate your partner with compliments to rekindle the spark. Being genuine and generous with compliments is crucial. Show that you notice a new outfit or a new shade of lipstick because little things matter. Compliments can be the fuel for firing up the passion and attraction you feel for each other.

It is easy to lose passion, but a little effort can help you regain it. Follow these tips, and you can keep the fire burning over the years.



Jeff Campbell