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How to Naturally Improve Your Health and Mindset


We all suffer from some type of health issue in our lifetime. Whether it’s chronic or more short term, our bodies tell us when they’re not happy. You may find that you just want to make yourself look and feel more healthy and be able to engage in better health practices. If you have been recently diagnosed with some type of condition, then now is the time to really step up your game and look to the future.

If you are a dad, you want to make sure that you are staying healthy enough to look after them too, and that you are still able to hold the authority and teach them the best that you can. Your kids are your future too, and they need you.

Dealing with any type of medical condition doesn’t have to be difficult, it can actually be easy. Add some things to your life that will make things much easier, whether that’s dietary, exercise, or even advice

Some healthcare applications like JennyCo will also help you to monitor your health by uploading your data in exchange for personalized health and wellness product recommendations.

Coffee? A good cup of Joe can have numerous benefits. 

A lot of us love coffee. Some of them hate coffee.

Or, some of us, can take it or leave it. Many people have a poor relationship with caffeine because it may trigger anxiety episodes, which is totally understandable and therefore you can always opt for decaf. Herbal teas and any type of tea can also have a positive benefit on your health, too. However, if you can tolerate the caffeine then you are going to really appreciate this.

Also trying to slowly incorporate a little bit of caffeine into your lifestyle every now and again can really assist with that caffeine problem. 

BUT ….if you are able to, it’s good to try and reach for the percolator, because coffee can have a really good effect on your health. Yes, there are tons of scaremongering articles about coffee being bad for you too, but the amount of scaremongering that goes around about every single thing we eat is just mind-blowing.

But here are some top facts that may make you rethink.

  • Coffee boosts your physical performance. 
  • Coffee may help you lose weight. 
  • Coffee helps you burn fat. 
  • Coffee helps you focus and stay alert. 
  • Coffee lowers risk of death. 
  • Coffee reduces risk of cancers.  
  • Coffee reduces risk of stroke. 
  • Coffee reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease.

In addition to this, it’s good to know the type of coffee that you have is what is going to actually make or break the experience. Roasting, for example, reduces the number of chlorogenic acids, and espresso has the highest concentration of many compounds because it uses less water so it is more concentrated.

Often people opt for an espresso for a quick boost but keeping your coffee sugar free and not too concentrated is going to be the best option for you for overall good health. It can also be good for diabetes.

Studies have shown that it can assist with helping to stave off type 2 diabetes.

If you have just been diagnosed, then you may find that it is a very daunting time and may have many concerns, but you can learn more about the types of tests for newly diagnosed diabetic patients. 

Blueberries, add them to anything and everything! 

Blueberries are a superfood that we have known about for a really long time.

Blueberries are full of goodness and some of the benefits are massive! It’s time to learn. Blueberries contain iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K.  One large handful (1/2 a cup) of juicy blueberries contains just 44 calories but has 2 grams of dietary fiber and 10% of your daily recommended vitamin C content.

Blueberries ranked number one in antioxidant health benefits and are classed as one of the most powerful fruits for your health. Anyone who has been recently diagnosed with any type of heart disease or problem will certainly want to know more about how these little fruits can actually help you.

Eating a cup of blueberries a day reduces risk factors for cardiovascular disease and eating 150g of blueberries daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 15 per cent. As well as that, you will want to look at some other facts such as: 

  • Maintaining healthy bones. 
  • Skin health.
  • Lowering blood pressure. 
  • Managing diabetes. 
  • Protecting against heart disease. 
  • Preventing cancer. 
  • Improving mental health. … 
  • Healthy digestion, weight loss, and feeling full.

If you have any of those issues, then it’s time to look at adding some of these superfruits to your diet. If you don’t like the taste or texture of them on their own then add them to things such as granola, yogurt or blend them up in a smoothie. The options are endless. 

Yoga, start those poses and feel the benefit

Yoga has been around for years and this ancient practice has a lot of benefits.

You can certainly learn a lot about yoga online alone and once you have realised its potential for your health you will feel much happier about it. Yoga is a physical practice that isn’t necessarily cardiovascular exercise but does contribute towards it.

If any of your health troubles are related to poor exercise or physical elements such as arthritis or chronic pain, then yoga can be implemented in many ways that isn’t physically taxing to your body and will make you feel much better for it. Some of the main benefits of yoga are: 

  • Increased flexibility and ability to move muscles easier. 
  • Increased muscle strength and tone.
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury.

These are all super important if you have had an injury in the past. You must ensure that you stretch and warm up fully before you begin to do yoga as some of the poses will be quite stretchy.

Once a week is enough to exercise with yoga and over time you will start to feel a difference in your body and your mind.

Yoga focuses a lot on the mind and it can be said that a lot of our physical ailments can be exacerbated by a poor mindset. Anxiety can easily breed which will make you feel tired and weak. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that you feel comfortable and happy when doing yoga and that you’re not overdoing it.

Additionally, you can also have a relaxing yoga vacation on a yoga retreat to enjoy. You can bring your family or group of friends and do yoga together.

Practicing yoga may also help you develop muscle tone and improve your metabolism so if losing weight is important, you may also start to see the pounds shed.

While restorative yoga isn’t an especially physical type of yoga, it still helps in weight loss because it is still movement and you are still using your muscles. 

Keeping healthy constantly is a lifestyle and a lot of other factors must be taken into consideration, such as sleeping and stress. It isn’t easy to eliminate all stress in your life, it’s not possible but it’s important to continue to strive to reduce it as much as possible as stress itself causes a range of physical problems, including heart issues and strokes. So be sure to keep calm as much as possible and practice mindfulness.

Having a full time job and being a dad is no easy task but it’s achievable with the right mindset. Be thankful for what you have, including your family and your job and see those as benefits rather than stresses.

Be sure to implement these benefits often to start to feel the physical impact that it can have on your health. 

Jeff Campbell