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Secret Is Out! Here’s How You Can ACTUALLY Keep Your Wife Happy

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“How do I keep my wife happy?” Perhaps this is the most asked question every married man has since the day he was married.

There is no magic wand that can do the trick in a single swing. Keeping your wife happy requires small efforts daily.

If you want to bring a smile to your wife’s lips, here are some tips and techniques on how you can do it. 

Compliment her in public

Complimenting is not the same as shallow flattery. 

Telling your friends and colleagues that you’re so lucky to have your wife as a spouse is going to take you a long way. Show her that you cherish your relationship through kind words and gestures.

Phrases such as “I enjoy talking with you about anything”, or “thank you for being such a hard-working wife” acknowledge her daily strengths.  All these small and personal compliments will mean the world to her rather than giving her public compliments. 

Spend quality time together

The best way to show your love and affection to your wife is by spending more time with her. Busy work schedules and household chores will be a part of marriage, apart from  fitness goals and social commitments that make alone time with your wife challenging. 

The rule is to have a healthy balance of 70/30, wherein 70% of your time is spent together, while the remaining 30% is spent apart. This will give you ample freedom to pursue your interests while being rooted in your marriage.

When doing household chores together, find practical ways to save time and energy in cleaning your house. . Invest in a premium quality spin mop and other household cleaning equipment such as a sensor vacuum cleaner, computer-cleaning caddies, insect-eliminating hoovers, etc. This way, you will be able to finish household tasks quickly giving you quality and leisure time together.

Cook together or for her 

 Wives end up exhausted cooking multiple meals daily and this leads to cooking fatigue.

One way to strengthen your marriage and keep your spouse happy is by  doing proper weekly meal planning or cooking together on weekends. Strong communication skills in the kitchen will improve other areas in your marriage.

On the other hand, keep the excitement alive by surprising her with her favorite meal or plan a date night while the kids are outside. You never know how much women appreciate these small, but touching gestures.

Compliment her often 

Who doesn’t want to be complimented often?  ;When was the last time you complimented your wife? Even after years of marriage, tell her that she still looks stunning, or you love the way she carries herself. Compliment her with her choice of clothes. Most of all, admire her inner qualities as a woman and mean it. Simple compliments such as “I love your smile and laughter” will bring back the sparkle in your marriage. 

Be a good listener 

Relationships thrive on good communication, but for most men, the definition of communication is speaking their minds. Successful communication is a two-way process.

While you speak your heart out, lend an ear to your wife  by listening to her concerns and worries. 

When you listen, listen to her with empathy and without bias. Your body language shows how good a listener you are by doing eye contact, touching her hands, or affirming what she is saying. When you engage in active listening, you strengthen the foundation of your marriage. 

Support her ambitions 

Not that she can’t do without your support, but be a good husband and encourage her with her ambitions just the way she has been with you in your career. 

If she wants to start a new business or switch her job for a better position, give her the option to do so. Don’t judge her choices and be supportive by speaking positive and reinforcing words such as “I believe in what you are capable of ”. Showing your belief in her will tremendously increase her confidence.   

Don’t always point out her mistakes

When the initial phase of romance fizzles out, the perpetual phase of pointing out each other’s mistakes begins. 

Negative comments such as ,”Why do you leave the TV on?”, “Why do you spend hours in the shower?”, or “Why do you always dress up like this?”, become endless rants. 

Everyone has shortcomings, including you. Although criticism is inevitable in marriage, you can do this by doing constructive criticism. Start your conversation positively and don’t over criticize her failures. 


A successful and happy marriage is beyond the pretense of fancy dates, exotic holidays, and expensive gifts. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your wife happy.  Follow this advice and suggestions and begin to notice the improvements in your relationship. Your happy wife will appreciate these meaningful gestures and will do the same for you.


Jeff Campbell