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Keeping The Kids Comfortable On Camping Trips

How often do you do something together as a family? Maybe once a week, maybe once a month, or maybe you can’t remember the last family activity. And that might be playing on your mind a little. 

For example, if you’ve taken away the screens and found you have more time for things to do as a family, you might be thinking about filling those hours with meaningful things to do. One of the most common ideas that spring to mind for such an activity is a camping trip

However, if you’re planning to take the whole family off for a camping trip in the future, you might be doubting how much the kids are going to enjoy their time on the campsite. Sure, you’ll love the activities you’ve got planned, but will your little ones take to them? With that in mind, let’s go through a few good ways to keep your kids comfortable and engaged when camping. 

Pack a Big Enough Tent

First of all, you’re going to want to pack a big enough tent for the whole lot of you.

No, you want to be spending time together as a family, and that means having enough room in one big desert tent for sleeping, eating, and playing games in the evening when it’s getting cold outside.

So go all out here – kids take up a lot more room than we tend to realize!

They leave their clothes everywhere, they leave their toys everywhere, and they tend to splay out when they’re sleeping too! Invest in something like a 12 person tent; you’ll have excess room to make good use of, which means you can spread out a bit more, and even have your own section of tent each.

The kids will love having their own nook to spend time in, even when they’re away from their bedroom at home! 

Make ‘Chores’ Fun

Secondly, you’re still going to need to do some ‘chores’ when you’re camping. For example, going shopping for food in the evenings, or collecting firewood, or even just cleaning out the tent/surrounding area of where you’re camped. And to keep the kids comfortable, you’re going to have to make these chores fun.

You’re on vacation right now, after all! 

Turn things into a game, and hand out some rewards. Whoever packs their bag first gets a chocolate bar, maybe, or gets to play on your phone games for 20 minutes by the fire.

Either way, you’re making their chores a little more fun, and always be sure to thank them when they’re done! 

Keep to a Routine

Then it’s time to keep to your usual routine. Yes, you’re on vacation, but the kids still need a bit of structure, especially if they’re young and you’re looking to get some quality sleep night per night! 

So make sure there’s a regular wake up, breakfast, lunch, nap time, wash and bed time to follow. It can be a little different to the way you do it at home, but try to ensure it’s not by much – maybe an hour or two at most. 

Not only will this keep the kids on track, and make sure you’re not in trouble when you get home either, but it’ll ensure you enjoy your camping trip as well. Simply put, being in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to act wild yourself! 

Pack Right

And finally, you’re going to need to pack right, especially for the kids.

They might have their own bag, you might just be using one big communal suitcase – either way, there’s a clear list you’re going to have to follow for camping trips with the kids. You can follow a simple checklist right here, if need be. 

But most of all, you may want to buy additional coverage equipment, like an awning, to ensure there’s a sitting and/or entertaining area for the whole family. Kids will love being able to be under the stars while it’s raining out there, sipping hot cocoa as they watch it pour down. 

So, just imagine whisking your loved ones away for a week in the great outdoors, all bonding over finding firewood and pitching a tent, and going on scavenger hunts through the trees.

The kids will love it, and be super comfortable while they’re off camping if you follow tips like those above. 

Jeff Campbell