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Medical Alert Devices- How To Use It For Your Senior Parents?

When people age, they face various challenges to carry out their daily routines. They are not safe even in their own home. The rugs, slippery bathroom floors, and stairs are some common hurdles that are dangerous to them.

Many times, an elder is reported to get severely injured by falling in their house. And in this, several times, they have to face more difficulties not because of the fall but because of late assistance.

But elders in the USA live alone and like to stay independent. Their children also work far away so they only come home once in a while. If the elderly fall, they become unable to call for help. They stay there until someone comes to look for them or when they can crawl to the phone.

As children, you can ensure their safety by getting a medical alert system. A medical alert system is a great option to provide safety and independence to your elderly. It offers immediate assistance to your loved ones in an emergency.

Medical Alert System

Medical alert systems are personal emergency response systems. It has two parts:

  • The Medical Alert Equipment
  • 24/7 Monitoring Service

The medical alert equipment is a base unit that can either be a wireless wearable device or a wall-mounted device. You can choose anyone as per your needs.

They both have a help button that your elderly can press when they need help. You can also get add-on services, like GPS tracking and medication reminders maximize their security. Or if the system has a fault detection feature as your elderly falls, you and the team would get immediate notification.

Now, what happens when they press a help button or when the device detects falls? Here comes the role of the second component of the system- 24/7 monitoring service.

As your elderly press the help button or the device detects falls, they are immediately connected to a team of trained professionals. They will try to contact them to evaluate the situation. Accordingly, they will either call 911 or reach you. Many devices allow you to set a personalized plan that you can use in an emergency.

In case they are unable to reach them, they will send first-hand responders there. They will also notify you and other family members.

The team will also access the user’s medical reports and personal information to address the situation in the best way possible.

Other Way

If your elderly has accidentally pressed the help button, the team will contact them and cancel the emergency services.

What To Look For In A Medical Alert System?

Medical alert systems are a great help for you and your parents, but to be able to avail of the benefits, you will need these features:

Fall Detection

Fall detection is one of the most important features you should ensure in a medical alert system.

As per reports by the CDC, more than 30% of the elderly (more than 65 years) fall at least once a year, causing mild to severe injury. The fall detection feature allows you to address such situations and provide immediate help to minimize the damage.

Medical Monitoring

There are two types of devices in the market, monitored and unmonitored.

The monitored medical alert system is backed by dedicated professionals who immediately respond to emergencies. They are always a call away from your parents & they can contact them by pressing the button.

GPS Tracking

You should also look for GPS-enabled medical alert systems. It helps you to locate your parents when they are out of the house.

In-house Or Portable

There are two types of medical alert systems in the market- in-house and portable devices. You should choose one according to your loved ones.

If your parents often stay at home and rarely go out, or when they do with someone, you can go with an in-house medical alert system.

But if your parents go out of the house now and then to carry out their daily chores, portable devices are your best choice.

Cellular Network

You should buy a medical alert system that works on cellular networks. It ensures that you are connected to your loved ones even when they are in a poor network area.

Home Security Monitoring

You can also look for devices with home security monitoring features, such as smoke, motion, or fire detection.

Final Words- How To Talk To Your Parents About Medical Alert System?

When your parents’ age, it becomes the child’s responsibility to ensure their safety and comfort. But the parents are not ready to sacrifice their freedom. It creates a tussle between the parent and child. Even though both of them are right in their way, they are to come to a better conclusion for the better.

The children should understand that their parents have always been independent and therefore, they cannot make them handicapped for their daily needs. They will not accept this sudden change. It can cause stress, depression, and even anger. The parents could see the medical alert system as a hurdle between them and their freedom.

Before getting a device or making a decision, you should sit with them and try to communicate your reasons. You should also talk to them and understand their needs and demands from the device. For example, if your parents often go out, you cannot buy an in-house system and ask them to stay home. You have to get a wearable device. At the same time, you cannot purchase just any chunky device that causes discomfort or social exclusion.

On the other hand, parents should also try to understand their children. They should try to communicate their problems with them and try to find a better solution for themselves.

Jeff Campbell